Shocking Cup

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Echo couldn't remember her sleep, one moment she was looking up at Alec the next she opened her eyes looking out of the stained glass window. The sun made the glass scatter different colours of light on the carpet. Echo looked around her room and slowly sat up. Her clothing was different than when she remembered.

Echo swung her legs over the edge of the bed and took a moment to gather what happened. Echo remembered the Silent Brothers and the memory that they had extracted, but she didn't remember ever getting back to the institute. Echo wondered how long she had been asleep. She didn't remember redressing or even having a dream. Echo looked down at her hair and was relieved when she saw red.

Echo pushed herself off of the bed and slowly slipped on her shoes and a jacket. Echo's movements were slow and she had to make an effort. She walked out of her room and walked down the hallway to where the control room was. Echo saw Alec leaning against the glass and she came up beside him.

Alec looked down, "Hi, are you okay? How do you feel?"

Echo was about to answer, but a movement caught her eye. When she looked down into the room she saw Clary and Jace pressed against each other in a kiss. Echo's eyes went wide and she looked up at Alec, "What did I miss?"

Alec rolled his eyes and Echo could feel extreme jealously radiating off of him, "A lot. Come on."

Alec grabbed Echo's elbow and lead her and himself away from Clary and Jace. Alec lead Echo to his room and opened the door. Echo was surprised to see the room; the room wasn't as neat as she had imagined, but cluttered. It wasn't messy, there were just quite a few books and tools and weapons lying around in various places.

Alec shut the door and Echo sat on the chair that was closest to her. She looked at Alec expectantly.

"We got the cup. Well Clary did."

Echo waited a moment, "And the, uh...What's with Clary and Jace?"

Alec just shook his head, "I don't know."

Echo swallowed, "Uh, how long have I been asleep?"

Alec relaxed at the change in topic, "A day and a half."

"What happened? How did we get back to the institute?"

Alec sat on his bed, "You don't remember?"

Echo shook her head, "I remember the demons."

"You teleported us."

Echo's eyes went wide, "Teleported? Are you just trying to make me laugh?"

Alec shook his head with seriousness written across his features, "No, you teleported us."

Echo blinked, "Huh, okay. I teleported." Echo's voice was low.

Echo could feel Alec's emotions like a solid cloud, but she didn't voice what she felt. Instead she looked down at her hands.

"My brother is like me."

Alec shot his gaze up at Echo, "What?"

"Jonathan, that's his name. He has demon blood like me, or he did. I don't even know if he is alive."

Alec saw how distraught Echo was, "Echo, what Valentine did to you and your brother is unlawful. If the Clave knew about this--"

Echo cut him off with wide eyes, "You can't tell anyone! None of you can! If the Clave gets word of this, I wouldn't be a Shadowhunter in their eyes. I would be a traitor, they would never believe that I never knew about this!"

Alec held his hands up, "It's okay. I've told my mother and Isabelle and they won't breath a word about this."

Echo sat back on the chair with shallow breaths, "I'm sorry. I just don't really know what to feel."

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