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Alec lead Echo to an abandoned building checking his phone again.
"Where are we?"

Alec put his phone back into his pocket, "I don't know, Izzy texted me to meet her here. You still have the Seraph blade?"

Echo fingered the handle behind her back and nodded, "Yeah."

"Good." Alec walked up a few flights of stairs until he and Echo saw a girl with a red dress.
"Izzy, I got your text. Where are we exactly?"

Echo and Alec met up with Isabelle, "It's an old Meat packing service entrance. If we go back there, we come up to the basement of Hotel Dumort."

Echo and Alec looked around.

"Perfect, right? We distract the Vamps and Clary and Jace have time to find Simon."

Alec glanced at Echo then let his face tighten, "Okay."

Isabelle glanced at Echo.

"And I hate being the distraction." Alec moved past them and into an empty doorway.

"I don't." Isabelle has a smile on her face.

Echo followed Isabelle and Alec keeping an eye out for anything unusual. Isabelle tried to get Alec's attention, but the only thing the Shadowhunter did was adjust his quiver and continued to move forward.

Isabelle rolled her eyes and turned to Echo, "He would be a lot happier if he wasn't so fricking repressed."

Echo followed close to Isabelle, "I think he's doing a fine job."
Isabelle swiveled her head to Echo; Echo cleared her throat, "With working with me and Clary."

Isabelle gave a small, breathy laugh and followed Alec. Echo let out a breath she didn't know she had been holding and pulled the Seraph handle from her belt.

When Echo and Isabelle caught up to Alec, he had his Stele out and turned to Echo.

"Come here."

Echo took a step forward and Alec grabbed her arm, "I'm giving you two runes. One for Silence and the other to block the Vamps charm."

Before Echo could question what the runes actually did, Alec was burning the runes into her skin. Echo flinched back, but Alec held onto her wrist tightly to keep her in place. The rune caused Echo to start to feel powerful, and warm. Alec finished the first rune and started on the second one on her shoulder.

The rune was much more intricate than the one on her arm and it made her feel like she was starting to sweat. Echo cringed as Alec finished the rune and put the Stele back into his pocket.

"Hopefully, these will stay."

Echo looked down at her newly runed skin and could still feel the pain linger.


Alec pulled the bow from his chest and gave a hit of a smile as a "You're Welcome".

The trio walked until they hit a steel ladder and Alec was fed up about what Isabelle was talking to him about.

"This isn't the time or the place." Alec started to climb the ladder.

"I don't know, seems pretty smooth so far." Isabelle said this with confidence.

"Don't say that too soon." Echo said as she gripped the rusty steal and followed Alec.

As soon as they were up the ladder, they kept their posture tight and their knees bent. Echo could suddenly feel a dark presence around her, but Alec and Isabelle didn't seem to notice it.

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