Disappearing Ruin

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Echo followed Jace as he walked with Clary into a church. The Institute.

Echo passed many other Shadowhunters and they didn't even glance at her, until she passed a Shadowhunter dressed in a white club outfit. She vaguely remembered her at Pandemonium. Beside her was a tall Shadowhunter with similar features.

"Jace, who is this?" The boy noticed Clary in Jace's arms, "Who is that?"

Jace ignored the other Shadowhunter and walked Clary into a section of the institute that had white cots standing next to each other.

Echo stood off to the side as Jace answered the boy, "Shadowhunters." He turned to the girl, "Izzy can you get her into something else? Demon venom ruined her clothes."

The girl, Izzy, gave a slight nod and proceeded to pull a divider around Clary.

The boy with dark hair folded his arms across his chest.

Jace glanced at Echo, "Echo, Alec. Alec, Echo."

The introduction was short and Echo felt out of place. Alec strode up to Echo and looked down at her, "You're a Shadowhunter?"

Echo rubbed at the newly formed rune on her arm and nodded.
Alec sighed, "What happened?"

Echo let her shoulders relax somewhat, "We were attacked by a demon."

"What kind of demon?"

Echo was confused, "I don't know."

Alec looked surprised, "You don't know? I thought you were a Shadowhunter?"

Echo suddenly felt small, "I am, but I was raised as a Mundane."

Alec scoffed and gestured to Clary, "Who is that?"

Echo folded her arms around herself, "She's my younger sister, Clary."

"And is she a Shadowhunter too?"

Echo nodded, but the action made her suddenly feel dizzy and Alec noticed. Echo closed her eyes momentarily and she shifted to the side. Alec shot out his hand and steadied her.

Echo opened her eyes to a sudden pain in her arm, right where Jace had carved the rune. She glanced down at her arm and saw that the rune was disappearing. Her eyes went wide and she could feel the venom suddenly overwhelming her. She let out a surprised shout and used Alec to hold herself up.

She looked past Alec to Jace, "The rune. It's disappearing."

Jace let his posture collapse as he hurried to her side. He examined her arm along with Alec to see that the rune was slowly fading into the paleness of Echo's skin.

"I don't feel so good."

Alec suddenly felt the weight of Echo intensify as the demon venom caused her to faint. Sudden responsibility flowered through Alec and he took Echo into his arms with a concerned expression written across his features. He gently set Echo on the cot next to her sister and Izzy soon was redressing Echo as she did with Clary.

Echo was put back into her ominous cold fire dream time and time again. The dream repeated several times before she actually woke up. Echo shot her eyes open, but didn't sit up right away. When she looked to the side she saw Clary sat on a cot with Jace sitting beside her. Echo sat up noticing a rune burned into her skin, but this rune was healed and looked only like a mark.

Both Jace and Clary turned to look at her.


Echo was confused for a moment as she recalled the past events, "Clary," Echo shook her head, "Are you okay?"

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