Second Change

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She stared at the device in her hands and willed herself to just dial the number. Echo pushed one number at a time until eventually she hit call. She put the phone to her ear and immediately answered Clary.

"Is Luke okay?"

"He's okay. Where are you?"

Echo leaned against the wall, "At the Institute. What happened?"
"Echo, you need to be here."

Clary's voice told Echo that something serious was happening.

"What Clary? What happened?"

"We have a brother."

Echo sucked in a breath, "Yeah, I, uh, remembered when we were at the loft."


"Clary focus, what else happened?"

"I know where the cup is."

Now Echo was interested, "You do? Where?"

"Do you remember the Tarot Cards? It's in the Ace of cups."

"Wait, what do you mean in?"

"Mom hid the cup in the card."

It took Echo a moment to understand what she meant, "Oh, my god. Brilliant."

"I'm going to go. Okay?"

Echo let her face fall, "Okay, bye."

Echo let a breath out; she felt so much better knowing that Luke was okay, but she felt suddenly tired when she realized where the cups was. Echo pushed herself off of the wall and continued down the hall until she found Isabelle, dressed in a particularly modest outfit, in the control area. Echo descended the shorts steps and approached her.

"Hey," Echo touched Isabelle's shoulder and gestured for her to follow them to a more private area.

"What's wrong?"

Echo gently looked around making sure nobody was listening, "Clary knows where the cup is."

Isabelle's eyes went wide, "Seriously? Where is it?"

"Our mom, she painted these Tarot Cards years ago and Clary said that she hid the cup in the Ace of cups."

"In the Ace of cups?"

Echo shook her head, "I was confused at first too, but I remember her saying that some Shadowhunters have special gifts. What if my mom had a gift that could make her put an object into a two dimensional drawing."

Isabelle crossed her arms, "That's actually pretty brilliant."

Echo nodded, "Where did Alec go? We should tell him."

"He went to Magnus' to help heal Luke. I'm sure he knows."

Echo suddenly picked up the way that Isabelle was feeling; anger and longing.

"Hey, what's wrong?"

Isabelle was slightly shocked, "What? Nothing's wrong."

Echo eyed her, "Okay. You sure?"

Isabelle gave a smile and nodded, then her features suddenly changed into a mix of interest and horror. Isabelle gently put her hands on Echo's shoulders and pushed her out of the room and into an empty hallway.

"What Isabelle?"

Isabelle grabbed a lock of Echo's hair and pulled it forward. Echo's hair had morphed from a copper to a shocking shade of bright red. The colour was stunning. The red was vastly different than any red she had ever seen. The only colour that even remotely resembled this colour was the colour of red flames. This shade was easily three shades darker and more vibrant.

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