Alec's Arrows

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The entire way back to the Institute, and when they actually got into the church, Echo couldn't stop remembering the man from her past. His face was distorted by time and she didn't feel any emotional connection toward him, but she now knew, after much remembering, that it was Valentine.

Valentine raised her for three years and her mother never told her. Echo didn't understand why Jocelyn had kept the a secret. Her mother had told her plenty about the Shadow World, but she failed to mention that her father was one of the most hated Shadowhunters in the Shadow World.

"Clary it's all connected, the vamps want the cup."

Echo chose that point to return back to reality.

"Why? It makes new Shadowhunters."

Alec folded his arms, "Nobody want's Valentine forming an army loyal to himself."

Echo took that moment to speak up, "Doesn't it control demons?"

Jace nodded, "They'll propose a trade; Simon for the cup."

Clary went off about how if she ever traded the cup, she would lose someone she loved.

Echo suddenly was defending, "This isn't just about you, Clary. You wouldn't be the only person to lose a loved one."

Alec held his hand up to stop a forming fight, causing Clary to take in a breath, "We need a plan."

At that precise moment, Echo's phone vibrated in her jacket pocket. She was startled at first not remembering that she had put it in there.

Alec, Jace and Isabelle followed Clary while she answered the call.

"Echo, thank god. Are you okay? Where's Clary?"

Echo gave a sigh of relief when she heard Luke's voice.

"Luke. We're fine. Clary's fine."

Echo sat down on a nearby chair.

"Where are you? Are you safe?"

Echo nodded, "We are fine. We, uh, we are with some Shadowhunters."

Echo could hear a person from Luke's end of the phone call his name, "I'm glad you two are safe, I've got to go. Call me if you need anything."

Echo stood up, "I will, bye Luke."

The short phone call ended and Echo walked over to where Clary and the Shadowhunters were.

"-she's got a thing with one of them."

Isabelle gave a smile, "We've all got our things don't we?"

"I can't listen to this, Simon's been kidnapped by vampires. I guess I'll just take care of it myself.

Clary pushed past Echo and walked toward the entrance.

"Clary, you're going to get yourself killed," Echo said trying to convince her sister.

Clary ignored her and continued to walk.

Echo sighed, "Simon too."

At that, Clary came to a halt and turned back around striding up next to Echo.

"Then help me!" She turned to look at the rest of the team, "While we consider other options, my best friend is suffering."

Echo rolled her eyes; Clary could be so dramatic at times.

"This is a bad idea," Alec said dropping his fingers onto the table.

"You got a better one?" Jace asked glancing at Clary.

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