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Clary walked into the training room, picked up a long stick from the wall and started twirling it in her hands. Echo gave a small smile, "Want to go a round?"

Clary let her face soften as she nodded. Echo picked up a stick and accommodated for the weight as she stood across Clary.

"Do you know what your doing?" Clary asked.

Echo shook her head and bent her knees, "Nope."

Clary matched her posture and held up the stick. Clary was the first to swing and Echo blocked it with her weapon. The two swung at each other, but not in an aggressive way. Echo swung the stick above Clary's head and she ducked.

Echo smiled just as Clary came down with the stick and hit Echo on her exposed hip. Clary gave a slight laugh and Echo straightened her posture holding the stick in her left hand.

"Not bad. Of course I'm not one to talk."

Echo pulled away from Clary as Alec walked into the training room, also grabbing a stick.

Clary's expression changed, "Look's like we're stuck with each other. For what it's worth, I think your mom was too tough on you."

Alec glanced at Echo who was leaning on her stick and approached Clary, "Mother's are like that."

Echo watched the exchange closely, "Mine's not."

Alec lifted his eyebrows.

"Go ahead, knock me on my ass. You'll feel better."

Echo just huffed, as Alec's expression turned into a smirk, "Don't make me say you're right about something." He pointed at Clary's feet, "Plant your feet wide."

Clary did as she was told and held up the stick, "Why did you let your mom say those awful things about Izzy."

Alec didn't hesitate to swing at Clary, "Don't step into the strike, step through it."

Echo was taking mental note of what Alec was saying.

"Izzy was out of bounds, the laws hard, but it's the law. You're going to have to get that sometimes."

"So you're just going to let her send Jace out instead of you?

Alec swung at Clary with little effort and Clary deflected the block with tense muscles.

"If I screw up, I expect to be punished. I'm supposed to be a leader."

Echo narrowed her eyes, He didn't screw up, her and Clary did. Clary pushed Alec's weapon away and adjusted her grip.

Clary swung at Alec and he easily blocked it. Clary kept the momentum going until Alec pinned her weapon underneath his. Clary glanced up and tried to pull out with a grunt. Echo saw her spontaneous thinking and she kicked Alec's weapon away. She swung her stick above his ducked head but Alec grabbed ahold of Clary's weapon and flipped her so she was flat on her back.

Alec helped her up and glanced at Echo, "Your turn."

Echo raised her eyebrows but replaced Clary on the training room floor. Echo held up her weapon and adjusted her posture the way Alec told Clary. Clary stood off to the side watching them.

Alec was the first to move and Echo easily blocked his strike.

Alec was impressed, but he swung again making Echo have to switch her grip on her weapon to push Alec's away. Echo made the first move this time, swinging the weapon around her trying to fake Alec out, but Alec saw to this and quickly used this weapon to block.

Alec had both hands on the stick and Echo's point of the weapon was in between his grip. Alec was knelt onto the ground with Echo above him. Alec smirked and used his Shadowhunter strength to push Echo back.

The fight was going on longer than Clary's and Echo felt proud. Alec suddenly swung the weapon above her head and she ducked. She tried to trip Alec, but he jumped to avoid the blow. They both straightened up and Echo huffed.

"Come on, your doing great."

Echo adjusted her grip on the stick and pushed it toward Alec who in turn mirrored her actions. They both collided in the center, their weapons making an X between them. Alec saw a spark in Echo's eyes and with a speed that Alec was surprised by, Echo twisted around taking hold of hers and Alec's weapons in her hands.

Alec smirked at her, "Not bad at all."

Echo gave a satisfied smile and handed his weapon back at him.

Alec looked over at Clary; continuing the conversation he was having with her, "What do you think, we haven't been trying to find your mother?"

Clary sighed, "Of course you have." Clary glanced at Echo, "But I know you can colour outside the lines, you're just letting yourself think that way."

Alec took Echo's and Clary's weapons, "Yeah and what's the big thought of not thinking?"

Clary took a step forward, "We can still find Valentine. I might know a way." Clary glanced at Echo, "There's a box, she didn't know I knew about it, but she opened it once a year and cried."

Echo suddenly remembered, "The box that belonged to our father." Echo remembered catching her mother with the box in her hand and she quickly shut the lid and stashed it under her blanket.

Alec looked from Echo to Clary, "Valentine?"

Echo shook her head, "Our mother told us his name was Jonathan Clarke."

"Maybe there's something inside that can help us track him." Clary was hell bent on getting the box.

"Clary, it's still back at the loft."

"So, let's go get it."

Alec shook his head, "Absolutely not."

Alec's phone started to ring and he pointed at Clary to stay where she was. Alec handed the sticks to Echo and turned to answer the call.

Echo gave a glance at Clary and put the weapons back on the wall, but when she turned back around, Clary was gone.


Alec turned and hung up the phone, "Damn it." They both rushed out of the training room to find Clary. They both ran to her room and found nothing.

"Damn it Clary!"

Alec rushed into her room and grabbed the first thing he could find; a piece of warn chalk.

"Give me your hand."

Echo held out her hand and Alec quickly burned a rune into her palm; Alec shoved the chalk into her palm, "Focus on Clary, I'm teaching you to track her. Focus on the chalk and come up with an image of Clary. If you do it right it should tell us where she is."

Echo gripped the chalk tightly in her hand.

"Close your eyes and picture Clary. Tell me what you see."

Echo gave a quick exhale of breath and closed her eyes. Suddenly, as if she were standing there with Clary, Echo was standing in front of the Brooklyn Academy of Art. She looked to the side and saw Clary walking around the building taking in every detail.

"She's at the Brooklyn Academy of Art."

Echo opened her eyes as Alec grabbed Echo's arm, burning another rune into her skin, "Glamour rune. Let's go."

Echo dropped the chalk and quickly followed Alec.

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