Book of the White

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Camille pulled open the gate of the elevator and exited with sass. Echo rolled her eyes and followed Alec and Magnus out of the elevator and into a lavish apartment. The first room they walked into was a study with a wall of books on the closest wall. A man walked up to Camille and greeted her while Clary and Simon immediately went to the books.

"This place creeps me out." Isabelle was on high alert.

"Yeah, let's check the perimeter."

"Good Idea," Magnus looked in thought, "If I know Camille, she'll have a trick or three up her sleeve." Magnus flittered his hand and followed Alec out of the study. Echo stood next to Isabelle and kept her senses on high alert.

The Shadowhunters glanced at each other then Isabelle strutted out of the room.

"I still don't get it. Why do you have this place if you live at Hotel Dumort?" Clary was up on the ladder.

"The Dumort has too many rules. Think of it like Gracie Mansion. It's the official residence, but it doesn't mean I have to live there."

Camille came up to Simon and pricked his finger with a quill and Simon voiced his pain.

"Come with me."

The oldest Fairchild sighed and started to look at the books on the shelves while Simon sighed Camille's pardon.

Clary descended the ladder, "He did what you asked, now give us the book of the white."

Camille had a smirk on her face and Echo could feel that the vampire wasn't going to help them at all. "I would love too." Camille went up to the bookshelf and ran her finger across the spines of the books. "But I can't. I have no idea where it is."

Echo crossed her arms and leaned on the shelf, "But Dot gave it to you." The oldest sister watched the exchange.

"I'm sure it's here somewhere, but if the idea was to hide it, telling me would defeat the purpose. Dot must have put it somewhere when I wasn't looking."

Echo pushed herself off of the wall, "So we have to search the whole apartment?"

Camille smiled, "See? That's the spirit. Although, I'd start now. I've got four more rooms just like this one."

Echo grit her teeth as Clary's phone rang; it was Jace. Clary left the room leaving three Downworlders.

"Good-bye, Simon. It's been a pleasure doing business with you."

Echo rolled her eyes and she pushed herself out of the room; she found Isabelle guarding the elevator.

"So, what's the verdict?"

"Camille has no idea where the book is. She said Dot hid it from her. We have to search the whole apartment."

Isabelle bit her lip, "Fabulous."

In the pocket of Echo's pants, her phone vibrated. She eyed Isabelle before answering Jace.

"Echo, where are you? Are you with Clary?"

"Yeah, we are at Camille's apartment."

"Valentine is on his way. You need to leave now."

Echo looked, wide-eyed at Isabelle, "What?"

"Clary won't leave. She thinks she can find the book."

Echo gave a sigh, "Okay, I'll get her and leave." Echo hung up the call and looked up, "Valentine is coming. We need to leave."

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