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"You have got to be kidding me?" Lydia smacked her hands on the table.

Alec and Jace, after making sure that Echo was alive, had told Lydia everything that Alorian had said.

"Wait, did you know about this?"

Lydia shook her head, "Of course I didn't. I knew about the City of Dark, but I didn't know about Echo's blood or the Dimension." Lydia sighed and sat down on the chair. They had cleared out the control room for a private meeting with Lydia.

"How is she? Echo?"

Alec sat back in his chair, "She's okay. The runes started to return after Alorian left."

Jace sat on the table, "Who are you going to tell?"

Lydia placed her hands on the table, "The only people that need to know about this information is us. Perhaps Clary and Isabelle, maybe even Maryse."

"Nobody else?" Alec was persistent.

Lydia shook her head, "Nobody else. This stays in as tight of a circle as possible."

Alec leaned forward, "Thank you Lydia."

Lydia gave a small smile and stood up, "I will let the two of you tell Clary, Isabelle and Maryse at your leisure." Lydia walked out of the control room with quiet steps.

Both Alec and Jace shared a glance and gave a collective sigh together.


Echo slowly opened her eyes and looked around her room. The room was dark, but the almost full moon shined through the stained glass window. Echo sat up and looked down at her arms. She was relieved when she saw the outlines of the runes on her pale skin. She pushed the blankets off of her and slowly changed into a sleek, black outfit.

Echo's flaring hair, burned in the darkness and her eyes pierced like lasers. For the first time in a while, Echo finally felt well rested, and her pain was only a dull ache. When Echo pushed her bedroom door open she heard a mutter of people. As Echo walked down the hall to the control room, the chattering got louder.

Echo stood behind the glass wall and looked down; the control room was littered in formal supplies; Elegant dinner plates and glasses, scraps of fabric, lace, and cloth napkins.

Echo saw Alec approach her, "Hi, are you okay?"

Echo nodded, "I'm fine. What's all of this?"

Alec gave a deep sigh and went to stand next to Echo, "It's for the wedding."

Echo went wide-eyed, "The wedding?"

Alec looked down at her, "I'm sorry, you still want to go through with it right?"

Echo nodded, "Yes, of course. I just didn't expect for it to be here already. It feels like I've lost a few days."

Alec swallowed, "Do you remember anything at all from the past few days?"

Echo closed her eyes, willing herself to remember, "Just a few moments here and there."

Alec looked into Echo's dark green eyes, "You've been in and out of consciousness for almost a week."

Echo's eyes went wide, "A week? Did I miss anything important?"

Alec pursed his lips, "Uh, Lydia has the cup."

"Oh, uh, okay. Anything else?"

Alec shook his head, "Nope."

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