Glowing Green

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Echo stood in the hallway as Alec and Isabelle talked with their parents. Echo stood a few doors down to ensure that she didn't hear anything. The conversation had already gone on for fifteen minutes and she was slightly worried. But her worry was distracted by a small boy coming around the corner.

Max smiled at Echo, "You're Echo."

Echo nodded, "and you're Max."

Max smiled, "Have you seen Alec?"

Echo nodded, "He's in there with Isabelle and your parents, but they are talking about private things.

Max flapped his arms, "I never get to hear the good stuff."

Echo knelt down to Max's level, "Don't worry, I don't get to either."

Max pointed to Echo's hair, "Your hair changed."

Echo glanced down for a moment, "Yeah, it's been doing that."

Max smiled, "It's cool."

Echo was going to respond, but the door opened and Alec and Isabelle stepped out. They both went opposite directions. Alec walked up to Echo and Max as Echo stood up.

"How was it?"

Alec just shook his head, "Informative."

Echo gave Alec a gentle smile and her and Max followed Alec into the controls room.

"Hey, Alec. Do you think you can get my Stele back?"

They descended the steps, "They took it away because you nearly burned down the Mumbai Institute."

Max looked down, "How many times do I have to say it was an accident?"

Alec suddenly stopped and knelt down in front of Max, Echo stood behind them.

"Look Max. Someone very important is coming to visit. Do you think you could stay out of trouble for a couple days? If you do, I promise I'll get your Stele back."

As soon as Alec finished giving Max a sincere look, all of their attentions were focused on the sudden presence of the last person any of them wanted to see.

Echo's breath was stuck in her throat as Alec pushed Max back and suddenly had a drawn bow in his hands. Echo put her hands around Max's shoulders. Alec let the arrow fly at Valentine and he caught it. Echo watched the arrow drop and Valentine pulled out his Stele. As quickly as Valentine appeared, he was replaced with a blonde woman. The woman stood with confidence.

The woman took a few steps forward with a smirk on her face, "I'm Lydia Branwell; Envoy from the Clave."

Echo's eyes went wide and she involuntarily tightened her grip on Max. The woman noticed somebody behind Echo and brushed past Alec.
"Maryse, the Clave has ordered me temporary control over this institute."

Maryse and Isabelle, both looking sharp, descended the steps, "Nobody informed--"

Lydia cut Maryse off, "They didn't need too. To repeat myself, it's only temporary. Nothing's been decided yet, but I do need full clearance in order to assess how this institute is running."

Lydia finally looked over at Echo.

"Echo Fairchild, pleasure to meet you. Where is your sister? I would like to speak with both of you."

Echo gave a sideways glance at Alec before he spoke for her.

"She's in the field, training."

Lydia took a step forward, "You're telling me she is just out and about in the streets of New York? Valentine's daughter?"

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