Maryse and Echo

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Alec, Echo, Isabelle and Jace kept low to the ground as they approached Jade Wolf.

"I'll find Simon, you guys go find Clary." Isabelle said pulling her whip from her wrist.

Alec gave her a hesitant look before taking Echo's wrist and pulling her with him and Jace.

They walked around the storage bins, until they soon heard Clary's voice; they rounded the corner and saw Luke carrying Clary over his shoulder.

Jace shouted at Alec and he instantly caught Clary as Jace knocked out Luke.

"What the hell!" Echo shouted as Alec set Clary down.

"Are you okay?" Jace asked ignoring Echo.

"I will be, as soon as we find Simon."

Clary hurried back toward the restaurant with the rest of them on her heels. The fog made it hard for Echo to see, but Simon's voice barked through the dark.


Clary and Simon crashed into a hug just beside Echo.

"Hate to break up this reunion, but we got a bunch of werewolves trying to kill us."

"Wait, the box! I think I left it at the loft."

"I got it, I didn't screw up everything."

Echo went to move, but Alec caught her arm making her aware that glowing green eyes surrounded them. The growl that shot through the fog startled everybody. Alec pushed Echo behind him, and notched an arrow into his bow.

"We're surrounded. Stay together."

Suddenly Jace turned front, "Everyone get back, that's the alpha leader!"

The werewolf charged toward them, but another werewolf bounded from behind the group and over their heads, crashing into the alpha. They all watched as the wolves fought each other. Echo could feel the anger from both of the werewolves, but this emotion was more for dominance.

When a stack of crates tumbled down the group moved toward the sudden light and found a man lying dead on the ground. The alpha was dead. Another werewolf stepped out and suddenly the wolf was transformed into Luke Garroway. Echo noticed how tired he looked.

The howls around them indicated that Luke was now the new alpha of the pack.

"Clary, Echo."

The sisters glanced at each other and took a step toward Luke.

"I promised your mother I would always protect both of you."

Echo smiled at him and Luke gave a small smile in return before suddenly falling. Clary, Echo and Simon rushed to him as he tried to hold himself up.

Echo and Simon took Luke's weight as Clary inspected his weak face. Jace pulled Clary away and Luke looked at Echo.

"They know that Clary doesn't know where the cup is. They are coming for you next."

Echo gripped onto Luke, "Luke, I--"

Luke cut her off, "Go with Alec, stay at the institute."

"No! I can't leave you!"

"Echo, we gotta go."

Echo shook her head as Jace and Clary took his weight.

"Echo, protect yourself. Please."

Jace and Clary pulled Luke away from Echo, who had tears in her eyes. Echo could feel the pain and the worry coming from Luke and it chilled her bones. Echo pushed past Alec and Isabelle as she watched Jace and Clary drag Luke away.

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