Family Picture

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Echo and Alec walked down the street that lead to the Academy and Echo noticed that the people around her didn't even notice her. She wasn't used to Glamour and it was odd. She had to make sure not to touch or bump into anything. Alec pointed across the street to where Clary was digging around her bag looking for her ringing phone.

They crossed the street and Alec came up behind Clary, "What's the point of the invisibility rune if you don't silence your phone? It was childish sneaking out like that."

Clary rolled her eyes and pulled the phone from her pocket and answered using Simon's name.

Echo looked at the people, Mundanes, milling around the streets with no solid purpose to what they were doing. They looked slightly lost. Echo could feel a ring of emotions clouding the air around her. Anger, Confusion, Distraught, Peace, Love, Contentment and Anxiety. It was very overwhelming.

Echo looked over at Alec and Clary.

"Hang up. That's it we have to go, right now."

Clary looked up at Alec, "I'm on my way to the loft, there's something there that I think will help me find my mother."

Alec crossed his arms glaring at Clary.

"I'm fine I'm with Alec and Echo."

Alec glanced at Echo and sighed, technically this wasn't Echo's fault. Clary hung up the phone and looked at Echo and Alec.

Alec spoke what Echo was thinking, "Mundanes. Running around like ants. Let's go."

Alec pushed past Clary and gently tugged Echo along with him, leaving Clary to follow them.

"Why do you always look so miserable?" Clary held honesty in her voice.

"Clary!" Echo hissed under her breath.

Alec turned to face Clary, "I don't."

"You do. It must be hard being in love with Jace with him being straight."

Echo's eyes went wide and her mouth dropped open an inch.

"Excuse me?" Echo could feel the anger starting to pour from Alec.

Clary gave a laugh, "What's the big deal? I was there when that memory came out. Busted no?"

Alec glanced at Echo then to Clary, "We're Parabati."

Echo was just as angry as Alec was. Clary had no right to talk about that.

"Come on Alec, just say it. You'll feel better. You're in love with Jace."

Alec just shook his head, "Forget it."

"Alec we have a real problem to solve, okay? Come with me."

Clary clapped Alec on the arm and walked away. Alec looked down at Echo and gave a sigh.

Echo rolled her eyes and huffed. They both walked behind Clary with equal emotions. Clary led Alec and Echo down a few streets and ended up behind a building to where Simon was waiting. Clary hurried up to him and gave him a hug.

Simon then looked at Echo, "Whoa, what happened to your hair?"

Echo looked down at her locks then back up at Simon, "Don't worry about it."

"Now we need to move." Alec said suddenly jumpy.

"The loft is just across the ally."

"Yeah, well we have to be careful. There are eyes all over this place, and the entire Shadow World is looking for both of you." Alec gestured to Echo and Clary with narrow eyes.

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