You Can Do This

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My phone pinged, and I checked the messages between Dr. Roberts and I that was opened. When I didn't see a new message, I frowned and set it down, wondering if I'd been imagining the noise. It pinged again just before I got a fork of fettucini to my waiting mouth.

I glanced at the phone, and sighed, putting down my fork. I checked the messages again, and frowned. There were no new ones from Dr. Roberts. Realization dawned on me and I felt my cheeks heat as I checked the main message screen.

Luke was texting me. I almost glanced up at him questioningly, but I read the messages first, thankfully.

Luke: I have a favor to ask you.

Luke: Don't look at me or North will know I'm texting you.

I texted back.

Sang: Why can't North know?

Luke: He might hit me again. :(

Sang: Want me to ground him from hitting you? I think I'm allowed to do that.

Luke: Nah, keeps things interesting. Plus it's not out of malice or anything.

Luke: Anyways.

Luke: Back to the favor.

Sang: What is it, before I accept?

Luke: I need a fix.

My fingers froze. Was Luke addicted to something? That wasn't in his charts... I wasn't sure how I felt about it. He certainly didn't look like he was on drugs.. But then again my mother looked like a caring mom whenever we were in public.

Appearances are full of misleading information.

Luke: You should see your face, Sugar. Priceless.

Luke: Pretty too. ;)

Luke: I don't need drugs, I need...

Luke: Chocolate.

I laughed outwardly at this, having to cover my mouth. It was so unexpected, so fitting, so perfect, that it was funny.

Gabriel looked up at me from his soup- which I'd insisted on until his throat was feeling better.

"Oy, are you over there talking about me? You have a phone? Can I have your number?" he looked over at the others accusingly. "Do you fuckers have her number?"

North smirked, "She likes us more apparently."

Kota sighed at North, and curiously looked at me. I nodded softly, giving him an answer to his unspoken question. He started giving Gabriel his phone number, and Gabriel held his hands up.

"Wait. Where's my phone?"

Luke: You could get the chocolate while you get his stuff...

I sighed, shaking my head with a small smile as I put my phone on the desk.

"I'll go get it. Be good," I pointed my finger as if that would help drive my request into their brains.

The trip was short, now that I knew where I was going and how to get there. I decided to grab Victor's belongings as well, knowing that it would be any time now that he woke up. When I got back to the room, the boys were talking about something and there was a message blinking on my computer screen.

I set the patient belongings bags down on the desk, and opened the alert.

Update on Misters Nathan Griffin and Sean Green: Nathan Griffin has gone through his final surgery. When he wakes up, we'll know if he has suffered paralysis from the bullet. It will be at least 1 day before he can be transferred. Sean Green is en route, and scheduled to arrive at about 5 pm.

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