Making Friends

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"Hello, Luke Taylor's phone." A warm, vaguely familiar voice said on the other end of the call.

I cleared my voice and spoke, unable to help feeling like I sounded like a toddler. "Hello? This is Dr. Sorenson from the Shellsea Recovery Center," I wasn't able to say anything else as Luke quickly cut me off.

"Is everything okay? Are my brothers okay? Tell me they're okay."

I smiled slightly at his concern. "None of them are any worse off than they were yesterday. In fact, Dakota is awake, and North is asking to speak with you. I was calling to see if you were available to chat, or if you'd rather come in some time today?"

"You mean Kota, right? Yeah, I'm coming in today with some family members of ours. But I'll talk to North now. He hasn't been being a buttface to you, has he?"

I shook my head, and blushed when I realized he couldn't see. "Not the entire time," was all I said.

Luke laughed. "If he gets to be too much, just tell him to pull his head out of his rear end and be nice."

I smiled. "I don't think I'll be saying that any time soon. Do you want to talk to him now?"

There was a hum of contemplation on the other end. "I'd much rather hear your pretty voice then listen to the lecture I know he's going to give me, but I don't want him to take his grumpiness out on you, so I suppose I'll sacrifice myself for you."

This made me laugh, and I walked over to North, handing him the phone.

North was looking at me as if I'd grown a second head out of my shoulder. My smile was quickly gone, and North frowned even more. He accepted the phone with a small grunt of a thank you, and I stepped away to give him privacy. I decided to introduce myself formally to Dakota, and ask to see his ribs so that I could check for bruising.

"What the fuck did you do?" North asked the phone before I was too focused on Dakota to pay attention.

"Hello Dakota. I'm sorry, I forgot to introduce myself.. I'm Sang Sorenson, the lead physician for this ward. You can call me Sang."

Dakota smiled. "You can call me Kota, but I think I like the way you call me Dakota."

I blushed at the smile he was giving me, and wondered which I should call him. "Which do you prefer?"

He looked thoughtful, "I don't think I've decided yet. Maybe if you use them both, interchangeably, I can decide better?"

My lips were threatening to break into a small smile, but I knew there was more important things to be addressed than just his preference in what name I call him.

"Okay. May I take a look at your chest? I need to see if there's bruising, as it wasn't mentioned in the charts. If there is I'll order a bruising creme we can apply. It will help them heal faster."

Kota nodded softly, and I helped him move his bed until it was sitting up. He grimaced, reminding me that he was still hurting a little.

"Alright, after I check your ribs, I'll give you some medicine through your IV to help with the pain."

Kota nodded, and went to raise his arms to untie his nightgown. But there was two things wrong with that. He couldn't raise his arms high enough because of the pain in his ribs, and his right arm, which was in a hunter green cast, was set at an awkward angle for him to try to untie his gown top.

"Here, I'll get that for you."I volunteered.

It took all I had in me not to blush while I removed the top part of his gown, and helped him pull it off of his arms. It didn't help that he was muscled quite well, and he wasn't holding back in the blushing department.

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