Excuse Me, I'm A Doctor

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"Luke stop moving, I'm trying to look at your stitches, I need to make sure you haven't ripped any. They might be able to come out.." I offered, hoping that would be enough to sway him to sit still long enough to let me check his forehead.

He huffed slightly but stilled. I leaned in close and brushed his hair away from his forehead, where it covered the seven stitches on his hairline. I smiled when I noted their light blue coloring.

"Hm. I could probably take these out today, and they won't leave a scar. Or we could leave them in a day or two, and they really won't leave a scar."

I looked at his eyes, and realized I was a little bit close to his face. He grinned at me and I backed up, clearing my throat.

"Awe man. North gets to go around telling pretty girls that he got shot in the heart and lived, and I don't even get some wicked scar to brag about?" he was making it into a joke, but I could tell he still felt guilty for being the least hurt of the bunch.

North grunted. "I'm not going to go around doing that."

I looked over my shoulder at him, "Doing what?"

His eyes bored right through my own and deep inside. "Try to impress girls with my injury. The only one I'd want to already knows, and I don't think she thinks it's very impressive."

I furrowed my eyebrows together in confusion. "You've had a visitor? When?"

Gabriel let out a bark of laughter. "Oh, Kota, look at her, she's so fucking cute goddamn. Can we keep her?"

I turned to Gabriel and frowned some more. Was I missing something?

Kota shook his head, "Don't pay attention to them, sweetie."

I shook my head and turned back to Luke, who made a funny face. I laughed, not completely forgetting but acting as if I had. He decided to keep the stitches in for a few days, and I went ahead to apply bruise cream on Kota's ribs and Gabriel's black eye, which was for the most part, healed.

Victor yawned, and I snapped to attention. Everyone else did as well. The brown haired boy stretched his arms up above his head, his fingers dancing as he did so. I watched his fingers closely.. Was that..

His sudden gasp of pain threw my attention to his face, and I realized that he was trying to stretch with stitches and broken ribs. Which wasn't very smart considering I'd taken him fully off of medicine.

"Victor?" I asked softly.

His eyes blinked open, and for the second time in one day I was simply dazzled. Unlike Gabriel's ocean eyes, Victor's seemed to be like a fire. They were dominantly brown, but as you got closer to the pupil, color suddenly burst into them. A reddish orange color, that seemed to dance with each blink of his eyes.

He had his arms around his middle now, as he blinked a bunch, trying to get his eyes to adjust, and focus on me.

"Victor, can you tell me a little bit about yourself?" I coo'd while trying to coax him into the land of the living.

He closed his eyes, as if trying to go back to sleep, but spoke. "You don't know who I am?"

There was nothing cocky about his question, only curiosity. I thought back to what I knew thanks to his medical file, and decided that just because I knew he had the chickenpox in the fourth grade, did not mean I knew him.

"No. Should I?"

He shrugged softly and rubbed at his left eye. I think my heart melted when he blinked up and me and smiled softly. "I don't know who you are either. Maybe we should fix that."

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