Doing My Job

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After giving them all a daily check up, and allowing all of them to take a lap around the room, I told them I'd be back in a while. It wasn't that I didn't want to be around them more, because I did. I just felt like I needed some air that they weren't breathing, I needed to think clearly without their beautiful eyes trained on me.

I needed to gather myself. There had never been a point, even doing classes in medical school, in my life, that I had ever been so surrounded by people. They were always talking, laughing, joking, fighting... teasing. It was easy to see myself falling for them, I was nursing them back to health and they were... well they were themselves. Who wouldn't fall for them, even under normal circumstances?

There was also the words that they'd spoken during the early hours of the day.

Words that they assumed I hadn't heard. There was no reason for them to have been speaking untruths. For all they knew I was dead to the world. They definitely had not been putting on a show, or trying to trick me in some way.

It was all just so much.

I wrung my hands together, ignoring the way my phone vibrated in my back pocket. Gabriel wanted to go shopping, He'd tried to get me to agree to it since he was doing so much better, but I needed this time to myself.

Luke would have followed me, despite my urges for him to spend time with his family, had Owen not stepped in- metaphorically, and told him to stand down. It was odd, the way Luke complied with only a small pout of complaint.

I was piecing that puzzle together though, and I was pretty sure I had it. I just needed a few of the pieces colored in, and confirmed. My phone buzzed again, and I wondered which one of them had texted me this time, but I again ignored it.

Instead, I walked down the hall to an office door, and knocked like Anna from Frozen.

Thump thump thump-thump thump.

It was so random and pure that I had to keep myself from laughing. This was a serious time, in which my girlish laughter would not help with.

From within the office a voice called out. "Come on in."

I twisted the metal door knob and stepped inside, pulling the door shut behind myself and letting my eyes take in the nice sized office.

There were certificates up on the wall behind the desk, though they weren't the centerpiece of the room like most Doctor offices I'd been in. The real eye catcher was the wall to my right. At first I thought it was one big printed picture, made into a wallpaper some how. But upon closer inspection I noticed all of the smaller pictures within the bigger picture, and the fact that the pictures weren't part of the wall, but on the wall. Each tiny photograph had been pasted to the wall somehow, and together they created a family portrait of sorts, with Emmerson, a dog, and three other guys.

I peeled my eyes off of the picture wall, a question on my lips. As Emmerson glanced up and caught my eyes, his own widened in slight surprise and he did a quick sweep of the room. When he'd finished, he relaxed and leaned back in his computer chair.

"Sang, what can I do for you?"

My phone buzzed in my pocket once more, and I tilted my head to the side. "Sir. May I have a seat?"

A blush darkened his tan cheeks and he swiftly got to his feet, gesturing towards the chair that sat in front of his desk.

"Sorry, sometimes I forget my manners. Please, be seated."

I nodded, feeling awkward as I perked on the edge of the seat. Emmerson waited until I was sitting down before taking his seat once more. This time, he leaned forward and rested his arms on his desk. His eyes searched my face for the cause of my visit.

I waited a few beats before gathering up my courage to voice my thoughts. "I think most of the boys in Ward B are recovering really well, actually, super well. They should be ready for discharge within about two weeks time."

Emmerson gave a short laugh as he sat back in his chair and folded his hands. "That really doesn't surprise me. I've known the guys since... well for a while now, and they've always been stubborn. You should see them while they are sick, absolutely hopeless. They go on jobs with fevers, and viruses... if they didn't have a Doctor on their team.." he trailed off, seeming to have said too much to the wrong person. I stowed away his words, painting little bits of my puzzle. "Anyways. If you feel that's the best course of plan, I agree. If anyone could make a comeback that quickly, from that kind of accident, it's the Blackbourne team."

I had so many questions, but I didn't know Emmerson, so I didn't ask. We talked a little bit more, and I excused myself. Neither of us spoke about what would happen when the boys were discharged, and no one brought up the possibility of me sticking around.

I could tell I had interrupted something that was distracted him, and I was currently too involved in my own musings to bring it up. We said our goodbyes, and I found my way home.

Getting home was a harder task than I had anticipated. At first I wasn't completely paying attention, and had to backtrack. Then, I realized how long it had been since I'd bothered to actually go to the place I was supposed to call home. Needless to say, it took longer than it should have.

Once inside, I walked around for a little bit before settling down into the spot that I had first been protected from my nightmares. I'm not sure how long I sat there in thought, but when I finally pulled my phone from my pocket, I knew what I was going to do.

I searched through my contacts, and pressed call. 

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