Shellsea Recovery Center

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The school I'd somehow gotten involved in wasn't like any school I'd ever heard of before. They didn't have a central campus, instead, they were made up of a ton of different locations- that theoretically combined together, I'd imagine would create a very expensive, highly prestigious school.

Dr. Roberts told me it was called Imperial University, but when I looked it up online, nothing came up. He explained that they liked to keep their existence on the down low, so undeserving students wouldn't harass them with applications.

It seemed a little far fetched. Actually, the whole thing seemed ludicrous, but I was willing to ignore it all in favor of focusing on the job I was being given. Dr. Roberts didn't tell me a lot about it, other than my duties would be explained when I arrived at my destination.

I was being, as he put it, relocated to Shellsea, Florida. He had went ahead (without my permission) and secured me a nice condo (more than I needed) and paid for several months worth of rent. Or at least that's what he tried to tell me, but I had a feeling I was yet again missing some pieces.

Still, the opportunity to do actual doctor things in an actual doctor facility, won out my common sense, and I went with it.

Which was how I ended up in Florida, with all of my belongings scheduled to arrive the next day. The flight had been booked before I'd even gone home to pack my belongings and let my landlord know that I'd be moving out. When I tried to pay Dr. Roberts back he insisted it was part of the program, and since I couldn't prove him wrong...

I had until Monday, tomorrow, before I started work. Which meant that I needed to spend tonight unpacking and arranging my things around the condo.

Kind of hard to do, when you have nothing to unpack but your carry-on., I reminded myself and shook my head.

Never-the-less, now that I was so far away from everything, and everyone, that I was familiar with, I knew I'd need a phone. I did a full circle, looking around the barren condo and trying to envision my stuff filling the empty space.

.When I felt like I'd wasted enough time walking around my empty living space., I curled up with the blanket that had been kept in my carry on, and fell asleep.


As I approached the grand building that I would be working at for the next several months, I couldn't help but feel apprehensive. Did Dr. Roberts really know of a program, or was he simply pulling a bunch of strings?

Before I knew it, I was already at the sleek glass doors. I paused, catching sight of a girl inside who wore really expensive looking clothing. I had been told that I was allowed to wear what I wanted, as long as it didn't have any words or a print on it. Solid colors only. I'd be provided a white jacket- my very first I might add, to wear over my clothes.

I glanced down at my goodwill found t-shirt, and pair of jeans that weren't exactly knew, or brand name. They were just comfortable. I didn't even bother glancing at my converse, which I'd bought two years ago at a Ross clarence sale. They were white when I bought them... now, not so much.

I'll have to go invest money on a wardrobe, I thought, my mind spinning with what I could possibly find at Ross and the Goodwill. If I couldn't find anything there, I'd be forced to go to the high end shops at the mall... wherever that was.

Gathering my courage, I reached for the handles. Someone from the inside grabbed the door before I could, and swung it inwards. My hand grasped at the empty air, and I was filled with a small sense of disappointment as I stared at the place the door used to be.

"Oh! Excuse me, Sugar, after you." A warm, southern voice said, as he moved to the side to allow me to enter before he exited.

I glanced up from where my hand was still extended, and studied him briefly. Well, I meant for it to be brief, but when I caught sight of the blue eyes and the shoulder length blonde hair, I had to pause. The guy looked like he walked straight out of a modeling agency. And better yet, he looked my age.

I blushed despite myself, and gave him a small smile. "Thanks."

He nodded, and smiled in return. I couldn't help but notice the troubled look in his eyes. It made me want to fix whatever was broken for him, but before I could even think of introducing myself, he was out the door.

I glanced back to watch him go, deciding there was no way I could have gathered the courage to talk to him anyways.

"Hello!" someone chirped. I turned to address the overly happy voice and was met with the woman I'd seen through the doors earlier.

I swallowed and straightened up my posture. She was in her mid thirties, at least, and looked at me kindly. I watched her eyes flicker over my clothes. Her eyebrows drew together slightly, but the smile never wavered, and other than her eyebrows, there was no other indication that she was judging me. Outwardly at least.

"Hello," I cleared my throat and tried again. "Hi, my name is Sang Sorenson.. Dr. Roberts-" I started, but her bell like laugh cut me off.

She swept her hair behind her ear and met my eyes. "I know who you are, we've been expecting you."

I felt the blood rush from my face. "Oh.. I didn't know when I needed to come in, so I thought that nine would be okay.. Doctor Roberts didn't tell me.. Am I late?"

The woman laughed again, and I was starting to wonder if she laughed at everything.

"I'm Darlene, and no, you're not late. Here at Shellsea Recovery, we work with all sorts of schedules. For the most part you can come in when you are able. If you want a set schedule, you can see Emmerson in his office... we just ask that you get all of your weekly responsibilities done, and are able to be reached at all times." She paused to take a breath and motioned for me to follow her. We started walking down the hallway to the left of the reception desk.

"As soon as you're done with the initial paperwork, we can get you into the system. Just drop the papers off at the reception desk, with whoever is up there, and they'll give you this week's responsibilities."

"Wait," I put a hand up, "what do you mean you work with my schedule?"

She turned towards me. "Well you'll need a minimum of at least twenty-five hours logged, but it's up to you when you log them, and we don't have a max number of hours- unless of course you're not getting the sleep you need. Family first, Academy second." She paled a bit, and I don't think she meant to say the last part.

I tilted my head, but ignored that part.

"You'll get it." Darlene chirped and took a packet of papers out from a filing cabinet. She put them on a clipboard and passed them to me.

I smiled and nodded in return. Finding a seat, I settled down into the surprisingly comfortable cushions. The questions were easy enough. My name, the date, if I wanted a set schedule, and so on. Between the second and third page, I saw a bit of paper lodged in the staple. As if someone had ripped out a page, but when I asked the receptionist she simply told me that I got the copy I needed.

After turning in the packet, the receptionist printed out my weekly responsibilities that I would have to complete each week. I collected the page from the printing machine and looked over it quickly, already having decided that I would spend as much time as I possibly could here.

It wasn't as if I had anything else to do.

1. Determine Ward

2. Get to know assigned patient charts

3. File up an official report every three/four days on any changes in patient health/recovery

4. Fill out physician page on each assigned patient chart 

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