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Nomad 101 (Completed) by JalizaBurwell
Nomad 101 (Completed)by Jaliza A Burwell
With two years of experience, Sang Sorenson knows the tricks of the trade on surviving on the streets. She knows which streets to stay off of, which people to avoid, whi...
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Synchronized Swimming by SynchroClaire
Synchronized Swimmingby Claire
Sang's whole world revolves around synchronized swimming: her mother has become obsessed with Sang's success and is pushing her beyond her limits. When the boys first se...
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Where There's a Wolf There's a Way [1] by HBReed22
Where There's a Wolf There's a Hailey Belle
Sang is a wolf or more specifically a wolf shifter. For years she has had to survive by herself. But when the Blackbourne pack saves her life after an almost deadly enco...
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Sang's the 1: Introductions {COMPLETED} by IAmCandi
Sang's the 1: Introductions { AcademyAddict
NOTE: I'm editing this story now! Not planning on changing any content. I'm just fixing typos, punctuation, grammar, etc. If you see any errors (including plot errors/ho...
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Sang. . .  by MioneBristow
Sang. . . by Julie Triplett
It happens when you turn 9. You get your names. Soulmate. Mortal Enemy. But which one is which? Not everyone gets them right away. Sometimes they change. Sometimes th...
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Sang in a Silly Daze {COMPLETED} by IAmCandi
Sang in a Silly Daze {COMPLETED}by AcademyAddict
Sang goes to the doctor's for a regular old checkup, but gets accidentally given the wrong medicine. Silly fun ensues *COMPLETED May 14, 2018* (most of this story will b...
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Just One Night by savinggoddess
Just One Nightby Tay💜
"Just one night." Sang said looking in the mirror. "Just one night." Gabriel said looking at my friends. He smirks, "rite of passage man." ...
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Sinbound by MeganEnn
Sinboundby Megan
Sang Sorenson is 18 years old. She was born in Illinois but moved to South Carolina when she was 15. She lived with her mom, dad and older sister Marie. Unbeknown to San...
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British Bird - #1 (Thursday, Weekly Updates) by BelindaPeters-Waine
British Bird - #1 (Thursday, Belinda Waine
British Bird Coming Soon After being removed from her parents care at the age of six, Sang experienced foster care after foster care until she ended up with the best pe...
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For the Love of a Vampire ( a ghost bird fan fic) ~Slow updates by Rougebutterfly01
For the Love of a Vampire ( a Krista Weaver
What if Sang Sorenson was the same shy, quiet girl, except she was also half vampire? DISCLAIMER: The Ghost Bird, Scarab Beetle, the Academy, and their characters are p...
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Hidden Secrets (Complete) by WickedSerenity
Hidden Secrets (Complete)by WickedSerenity
At the age of eight, both Sang, and her step sister; Willow were sold by the Sorensons family to the McCoys. at age sixteen, working for an underground group of sex tra...
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My New Sister wattys2016 by sanglukevictor
My New Sister wattys2016by sanglukevictor
Sang sorsenon is 15 years old and has been foster care since she was born. All her foster homes have been horrific until one day when Sally Kobra takes over being her ca...
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The Evils of Panties (Slow Updates) by savinggoddess
The Evils of Panties (Slow Updates)by Tay💜
Sang Sorenson has been enrolled in what is affectionately called "Hell" for three years now. The Academy has been watching the school for a while after they sa...
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Darling | All16 | ✔ by JadeQueen100
Darling | All16 | ✔by Jade
Sang Sorenson, the darling of the universe, is the sweetest, nicest person you will ever meet. Her parents are wealthy and kind to all, including their beloved daughter...
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Becoming Someone by EvilButterflies
Becoming Someoneby Elizabeth Michaels
Jessamy, preferring Jesse, is the daughter of Marie Sorenson, a bitter, resentful woman. Jesse doesn't understand why she's like that, just that her aunt, Sang, is part...
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Sang's Sins by nefelibata-mulher
Sang's Sinsby K
Sang never had a normal life. From abusive and neglectful parents to her only friend being a demon, she's always been abnormal. She never expected 8 other boys, though...
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Beauty and the Beach by PerfectlyPoppy
Beauty and the Beachby PerfectlyPoppy
Academy fan fiction of a family vacation to the beach! Some mature content, so I wanted to throw that out there in case there are any younger readers. Slow updates. A...
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Reality vs Fantasy by Queenreading
Reality vs Fantasyby Queenreading
Cassie loves books. She reads day and night. She loves the written or now a days typed word. One day she forgets to charge her iPad. Her phone is in the shop getting fi...
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Sang Baby's Baby by chickadee66
Sang Baby's Babyby caitcooper66
What happens when the team of 10 gains another member, or two? All of these characters belong to C.L. Stone. This is just a story that I'm making up for fun. Enjoy, ho...
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Throwing Stones in Glass Houses (Tentatively Ongoing) by a_force_of_nature
Throwing Stones in Glass Houses ( Charlotte Jessica
What if the Academy was a real place, a place that trains extraordinary people to do extraordinary things. Only these people... are something more than mere mortals. A f...
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