Mirrors (The Academy) by SthepLiar
Mirrors (The Academy)by Sthep
Fanfiction based on CL Stone's Ghost Bird Series. For years, The Academy boys have kept secrets from Sang Sorenson. First, there were the understandable things like The...
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  • sangsorenson
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The Newest Addition (a Cl Stone Academy Fanfic) by rebel-heart
The Newest Addition (a Cl Stone rebel-heart
This is a light hearted academy fan fiction that will contain the ghost bird boys but not sang. On his way home from work, Dr. Green finds an adorable 6 year old girl c...
  • family
  • clstone
  • ghostbirdseries
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Flutter by. by fierywhitewolf65
Flutter fierywhitewolf
in a alternate story where sang and the boys dont meet up . where sang breaks free from her cage and finds her own way to live .where she finds her true self. where sa...
  • sáng
  • gb
  • kota
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Carpe Diem  by AnnaIsali
Carpe Diem by IsaCherryAnne
What if the house on Sunnyvale Court was bought to keep Sang hidden and quiet after her stepmother passed and her sister cut ties? Eighteen and alone, she rarely venture...
  • clstone
  • romance
  • reverseharem
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A Place to Call Home (Complete) by amaylen
A Place to Call Home (Complete)by Allie
Since she was eight years old, Sang has been living with an abusive family that's hated her. When they move to South Carolina, she finally gets the courage to run away...
  • academy
  • reverseharem
  • blackbourne
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Troubled Bird: Ghostbird Fanfic by OMJRCKR
Troubled Bird: Ghostbird Fanficby OMJRCKR
Sang Sorenson has always had to depend on herself until the Academy took her in at the age of 16. Now at 18 she was at the top of the Academy as a Ghostbird. No one has...
  • marc
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  • raven
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Nomad 101 by JalizaBurwell
Nomad 101by Jaliza A Burwell
With two years of experience, Sang Sorenson knows the tricks of the trade on surviving on the streets. She knows which streets to stay off of, which people to avoid, whi...
  • marc
  • axel
  • raven
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You Make Me Happy by Ashenry
You Make Me Happyby Lothwen Ohlavrac
Vouloir, c'est pouvoir Where there's a will there's a way. I've never understood this saying. Especially since in my life, I've had plenty of will, and rarely have I...
  • family
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  • kotalee
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Sang in a Silly Daze {COMPLETED} by IAmCandi
Sang in a Silly Daze {COMPLETED}by AcademyAddict
Sang goes to the doctor's for a regular old checkup, but gets accidentally given the wrong medicine. Silly fun ensues *COMPLETED May 14, 2018* (most of this story will b...
  • accident
  • sangdazeseries
  • sangsorenson
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Academy's Assassin by shayschiesler
Academy's Assassinby shayschiesler
Sang wasn't left to her family to grow weak and afraid, no, The Academy made sure of that. Rescued at ten, Sang is brought to a division of the Academy that very few kn...
  • sangsorenson
  • rh
  • hea
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Yours Forever, Dragonfly. by TatianaMichelle419
Yours Forever, Tatiana Michelle
**Confirmed reverse harem with the Blackbourne and Toma team. May involve bxb and gxg. Rated Mature. ** I do not own any of the characters from C.L. Stone's Ghostbird se...
  • blackbourneteam
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Sang's One Shots by CreativeAddiction
Sang's One Shotsby CreativeAddiction
Sang and her 9 guys have been together for several years now. Over the years, Sang has created her own treasure chest of sexy memories. Content is mature. Do not read if...
  • mature
  • clstone
  • reverseharem
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When the Lights Went Out by roxieturner
When the Lights Went Outby Roxie
When the lights went out, Sang and her small family hid in her small farm until one night when 14 strangers invaded her home. Can Sang and her family trust these men? W...
  • sáng
  • all14
  • raven
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D3c0d3 M3 (The Academy) by WickedSerenity
D3c0d3 M3 (The Academy)by WickedSerenity
I'm ashlyn, or Ash for short. I'm the trouble maker of Ashley waters high, and I'm not ashamed. Gosh if only you knew what I've had to deal with, you might actually und...
  • sean
  • luke
  • gabe
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Ghost Bird... Do You Copy? by divamobile
Ghost Bird... Do You Copy?by divamobile
Behind the scenes, the Academy has been working with the U.S. government to make a World Government or Utopian society. But after several catastrophes, a breakdown was e...
  • sangsorensen
  • owenblackbourne
  • nathangriffin
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Learning to Dance in the Rain by HaileyBelle867
Learning to Dance in the Rainby Hailey Belle
Sang Sorenson is a professional dancer at only the age 17. Ever since her father died and left her alone with her Step-mother everything has gone from bad to worse. Her...
  • sáng
  • clstone
  • north
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Academy Detective by -Corina-Haydn-
Academy Detectiveby Corina or Haydn
The Blackbourne team and Toma Team are in need for a detective on their team. They have everything a team of the Academy needs except for a detective to help them solve...
  • ghost
  • fanfiction
  • toma
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Moving On by jimoozi137
Moving Onby Lilit
Sang finds out she's pregnant after a check up with Dr. Roberts. When she goes to share the news with the guys she overhears a conversation that makes her run back to Ph...
  • marc
  • brandon
  • north
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Ghost Bird by sbugle12
Ghost Birdby sbugle12
Sang is starting a new school hoping to stay invisible. In this version she doesn't meet the boys first.
  • silas
  • romance
  • clstone
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Sang - A Ghostbird fan fiction. by sakura68
Sang - A Ghostbird fan sakura68
*Only the characters are same, but the story is different* *Kota's POV* I heard an engine shutting off close by. Maybe someone was moving in the house opposite to mine? ...
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