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When I returned to the hospital, it took all I had to act as if I wasn't spinning out of control. Owen looked up from his bed, where he'd managed to put together a game of solitare using the few decks of cards that the others had floating around the room.

He pushed up his glasses, which had fallen slightly down his nose from looking down.

"Sang. I trust your day was alright?"

Those grey eyes of his were like a cure. The dizzy spell I had fallen prey to was eased, and I managed to walk over to him without stumbling into a mess on the floor.

Get a grip, Sang. Act natural.

A few of the boys were napping, but the ones who were awake tracked my progression across the room with their eyes.

"Yes, it was fine. How are you all?" my eyes darted over to the sleeping Greek giant. "Anything new?"

North grunted, causing me to look over. I tilted my head in question and he huffed.

"Where is your phone Sang Baby?"

Don't you dare laugh at him Sang.

I failed. I laughed. He glared, and I grinned.

"It's right here," I said after the small laugh, pulling my phone from my back pocket.

The screen flashed at me, and I focused on it curiously.

26 Unread Messages

"You do realize phones were made so you could reply instantly, right?"

My head snapped up and I could feel the heat on my cheeks.

Gabriel coughed from his bed. "Mommy and Daddy are about to fight."

Luke giggled, he actually giggled. "Can we get some popcorn?"

I crossed my arms, forgetting the brief guilt I'd felt when I saw how many texts I'd missed.

"Yes. I realize that. I didn't, however, think that I was your dog that needed to answer every beck and call."

Where the confidence came from, I wasn't sure. I waited for the feeling of fear to kick in, but all that happened was my anger turned from a simmer, to a light boil.

North sat forward to get a better look at me, as Luke's bed was between us. "What?"

"Oh? You need it reworded?" I took a step towards him with every word I spoke. "I am not your little sister, or your kid, or your pet, you have zero right to scold me for ignoring my cellphone. I knew good and well, that had there been an emergency, that at least one of you would have pressed the button on your remotes to page me."

I was standing at the end of his bed, that light boil now spilling over the edge of the pot. I felt like I'd taken one of those candies from the Harry Potter world, and steam was spilling from my ears in an attempt to relieve pressure.

North's eyes darkened and he got red. He clenched his jaw, and I could see a tiny, adorable, tick in his jaw.

No, bad Sang, not adorable. He's in trouble.

"You're mine!"

"Hey now, she's mine too, stop being greedy," Sean's arms circled my waist as he pulled me away from North.

I actually growled at North as I was drug away.

Sean picked me up effortlessly and dumped me into a bed. The occupant wrapped his arms around my body, keeping me from springing up and attacking North. I coiled up to the muscled chest, like a snake getting ready to strike.

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