Missing Credits

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I twisted my hands in my lap out of nervousness. Since I'd been emancipated, I hadn't had a lot of reasons to feel nervous. But today, four credits away from my doctorate degree, and running out of the hush money my father had given me to keep from contacting him; I was a wreck.

The hush money should have let me live a semi comfortable life, one where I didn't need to work, and I could have probably bought a house if I had felt like it. But I had chosen to go to school instead. I hadn't really sought out the medical field.

I was kind of shoved into it. Dr. Roberts, one of the men on the council of the University I attended, had suggested it when I confessed not wanting to go into any one field during my initial interview three years ago. He'd been the one to speak on my behalf, allowing me to enter into college life with nothing but cash and determination.

"Miss Sorenson?" The newest receptionist inquired, standing in front of her desk as she peered around the room.

I stood up and brushed my hands over my black pencil skirt. I had a light pink blouse tucked into it, and was wearing my only set of heals. I'd tried to look nice for this meeting, considering I was asking for yet again, another favor.

Her pale blue eyes assessed me. I could see the curiosity that boiled beneath them; it was a look I had grown accustomed to. When I'd first applied to the college, it had been one of many, but the only to reply. Dr. Roberts had seen my pathetic application- one that basically included an essay on why I thought I would be a good asset to their school, and my name. I'd been unable to get school records that would prove my story of graduating early.

Back when I'd first been admitted, I couldn't go anywhere without being looked at oddly. As a sixteen year old going into the medical field, and taking on more than the usual amount of classes while still managing to ace every single one, it didn't help that I looked like I was twelve.

"You're Miss Sorenson?"

I nodded softly. I'd matured since then, but I still didn't look my age.

She didn't comment further, instead she nodded for me to follow her down the short hallway. I didn't need her to escort me. I'd had many meetings with Dr. Roberts over the past three years. Most of them were his doing. Appointments to see how I was doing in classes, if I needed any help.. If I'd changed my mind about getting my doctorate.

This time, however, I'd arranged the meeting.

Dr. Roberts wasn't a full time administrator at the University. He had a chair, but he spent his time at schools all over. One time I had overheard the tail end of a phone call as I'd been walking in. He'd been talking about recruitment for some sort of Academy, so I figured he was also some sort of military personnel, though I'd never seen any proof for my theory.

The receptionist knocked on the door once, and then poked her head into the room.

"Dr. Roberts? Miss Sorenson is here for your appointment."

There was a snotty edge to her voice, and I imagined myself kicking her in the back of her knee to make her fall over.

But I refrained.

"Sang is here? Well why didn't you tell me that's who I had an appointment with, Gertrude?"

I couldn't help it. I laughed.

Gertrude swung her head around to glare at me, and I shrugged my shoulders at her in a what can you do sort of way. She lifted her lip in a snarl and huffed. Dr. Roberts dismissed her and I waved her goodbye, with what I imagined to be a smug smile.

There was a point in my life where such actions wouldn't have ever been considered.

I entered the office and shut the door behind myself. Dr. Roberts smiled at me from where he stood behind his desk. He walked around the solid oak structure and wrapped me in a fatherly hug. It took me only a second to hug him back.

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