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Trying to regain some dignity, I lifted my chin up and threw my pen in the direction of Gabriel. He caught it instinctively, and I took my opportunity.

"Actually, if you'll check the most recent spells of my wand," I pulled the third and final pen from my white jacket and showed him the pink gelled beauty, "You'll find that it was a simple levitation spell. If you're looking for the forbidden spell caster.. Well I believe it came from a plastic purple felt pen, and there's only one man in this room I know to be a holder of such.. Wand."

Gabriel looked floored, and actually tried to defend himself even though they'd all seen me throw my pen at him. Victor was to my side, laughing as softly as he could manage. I felt a little bad, knowing the action must hurt his belly a little, but I couldn't give myself away.

The steel eyed stranger looked over at Gabriel and then folded his hands in front of him. "Mr. Coleman, I believe we'll need to discuss a punishment for this unforgivable curse you've just tried to bestow upon myself. Had Mr. Griffin not been here to protect me, the consequences might have been worse than suspending your shopping privileges for 24 hours."

Putting the pieces together, I suddenly felt awful for attempting to torture a patient who'd yet to even learn my name.

I wonder if I can go get plastic surgery and a hair cut, and come back and pretend to be someone else?

I glanced slyly at Gabriel, who was at a loss for words and was currently pouting as Luke stole the laptop and informed him that he'd be playing candy crush while Gabriel was in trouble. I clearly heard Gabriel muttering something about me probably being in the Slytherin house.

I ignored him and walked over to the newcomers, wondering who had let them walk in alone after having gone through who knows how many surgeries. And then it dawned on me that Nathan was up and walking perfectly fine.

"You're not paralyzed," I stated stupidly.

"And you're not ugly." He stated, looking at Gabriel with a glare.

I turned around to look at the ocean eyed boy in question. "You told him I was ugly?" I meant for it to come out teasing, but real hurt seeped into my voice and I felt like crying.

Get a grip Sang! Your own mother called you garbage, a whore, stupid, insignificant, and a toad, and you're upset that Gabriel might have told someone you're ugly? You're better than that. Stronger than that.

"You stupid little fuck, look what you did, she's going to fucking cry. Goddamit. Someone hold her for me, no! Not you Gabriel, you dipshit, Luke, go fucking give her chocolate or something I don't know! Sang Baby don't cry."

North sounded stressed out, and I sniffed.

"Mr. Taylor, language. Mr. Coleman, I suggest you explain yourself before I personally punish you for making her cry," the boy I deducted to be Owen stated, looking rather stressed out himself.

His eyes kept flickering to me as I struggled to keep my eyes from going past the misty stage. It occurred to me that Gabriel's opinion of me mattered, because I'd grown to actually care for him, and value his words. I might have cared for my mother at one time, but throughout the abuse that care wilted and died like a plant that never received proper sunlight or water.

I looked at Gabriel through my lashes, not wanting to be caught looking at him, but needing to see his expression for myself. Did he truly think I was an ugly thing? If so, why'd he even allow me to crawl into his bed and use him as protection against the nightmares yesterday night?


That didn't seem like him, but the hurt was clouding my better judgment.

Gabriel looked at me and gaped a little bit. "Trouble I just.. I didn't ... I mean." he swallowed and rubbed his hand through his hair, messing it up. "I just already had enough competition between these five," he jabbed his thumb towards the others in the room, not including Silas in his count, "I thought that keeping Nathan from being interested for as long as I could would help me out a little. You're not ugly. Fucking shit, you're gorgeous. Don't cry, please? Come here?"

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