Tropical Waters

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The first thing you expect someone coming off life support to do, is be groggy, maybe a little thirsty and confused. But not Gabriel Coleman. Something told me his reaction was completely normal for him. His vitals on the monitors were strong and steady.

His eyes fluttered, and for once, all of the others in the room were silent. Victor Morgan would take a little longer than Gabriel to wake up, simply because he'd been under a medical coma, while Gabriel hadn't. But I predicted them to only have an hour or two difference.

Gabriel looked up at the ceiling, and I was a little startled at the crystalline blue eyes that were revealed. They were so blue that I wondered if they were contacts, but he couldn't have been wearing contacts. No, his eyes were why people bothered with blue colored contacts in the first place.

From my vantage point, I could see the lighter blue lines that worked their way through his irises. His eyes looked like the ocean floor when you looked down on it. The fragmented sunlight making little rippling lines on the sand, while the brilliant blue waters gently rolled around in the wind.

Gabriel Coleman had tropical oceans in his eyes.

I held my breath, needing to make sure he didn't crash.

He took a deep breath, one of his first in a few days that wasn't drawn into his lungs because of a machine. He seemed to be doing okay. I wanted to make a note in his chart, but I knew being ready for anything was more important than filing away a note.

"Gabe?" Luke called out, tentatively.

Gabriel turned his face towards the blonde haired boy and cracked a small smile.

"Be real with me, do I look like shit? Why the fuck are you wearing those shorts? I told you to not to wear those shorts anymore, they make your knees look funny." He huffed out, his voice hoarse from having tubes down it.

Gabriel sat up. I was still a little stunned that one of the smallest, actually the smallest of them, had such a deep voice. It perplexed me. I thought that was my maximum amount of shock, but Gabriel once again outdid himself. His eyes found me, and while he rubbed his throat, I watched those ocean like orbs narrow in my direction.

"Oy, are you our fucking doctor? Because if so, why didn't you fuckers wake me up earlier? She needs me."

I glanced over to Kota who looked relieved. I was hoping he would shed some light on the situation, explain why he was swearing so much, or even what he meant by his last comment.

But all Kota said was: "Good to know almost dying hasn't changed you even a little. Although, I wouldn't have minded if it took away your sailor's vocabulary. And don't harass Sang, she's been good to us."

But his sailor like vocabulary fits his ocean eyes... I thankfully did not say out loud.

I opened my mouth to interject, but Gabriel was quick in his reply.

"Oy fuck me, you know you'd miss my sense of profanity, Kota." with this he winked and looked at me again. North rolled his eyes, but he was smiling.

He was happy his brother was back to his old self, and alive.

"Sang, that's your name? That's weird. Were your parents hippy or some shit?"

"Gabriel, that's rude," Kota said patiently, while I blushed at the question.

"No it's not, it's fucking legit," Gabriel huffed and spoke to me again, "Look at that. You're already getting me in trouble-" he paused to cough, and I hurriedly grabbed a cup and filled it with water for him.

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