16| you like each other ;Kaz and Oliver

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Kaz his pov: "did you find Oliver?" i asked Bree. "no" she starts. "but i found someone looking for you" i give her a confused look but then around the corner pops out Y/N. i straighten up my position and slightly walk towards her. "hey" i say with a raspy voice. "hey " she says back slightly. we both look behind to see Bree go back up in the hyperlift. "i heard you almost got killed" she says worry in her voice. "i heard you almost got killed" i say with emphasis on the you. "you ok?" she ask. "yeah just some kids punched me in the face" i lied. "makes sense" she says with confusion in her eyes. "what bout you?" i ask back. "we almost got set on fire-" "are you all ok?" i interrupt her. "basically" she says looking down at the floor. its an awkward silence. "are you ok?" i ask breaking the silence. "im fine" she says looking at me in the eyes. another awkward silence. "im gonna go" she says walking towards the hyperlift. "you dont have to" i say. but she keeps walking. she pushes the button for the hyperlift but its stuck. "its stuck" she says. "why would she make it stuck" i say walking towards the hyperlift. Pressing the button. "hey bree" i yell out "bree" i yell again. "why would she disable the hyperlift" Y/N says walking out of the lift. i follow her, "maybe she didnt mean to" "you dont just accidentally lock a door" she says stating the obvious. "maybe we should tell her, yknow how we feel about it.. even though we're afraid of what she'll think" "then shes stupid" she replies. "no.. smart people do stupid things to.. especially if they really want to let someone know how they feel" she walks towards me, "but is she going to have to keep waiting?" "maybe" i respond. "do you hate me?" i step closer so i can just feel her warm breath faning my face. "i like you, Kaz" she starts. "i like you alot" she continues. "i could work with that" we both lean in sharing a kiss; her hands on my cheeks and mine on the back of her head. both my hands then slip to her waist hugging her slightly.

Oliver your pov: you wall downstairs on the couch having luck because you know everyones asleep. you go to sit on the couch, "cute pjs" you turn around to see Oliver sitting in the kitchen. "uh thanks Oliver" he stands up walking towards you. "i just wanted to give you something" he smiles. he holds up a necklace you recognize it and smile, "how did you find it?" "that doesnt matter" he responds. "but before i give it to you i need to tell you something" it was silent. "i love you Y/N and your the reason i wake up in the morning and i'm happy that your finally in my life" i smile, "what are you saying?" he sighs. "i want you to be mine" i smile bigger, "ok i will". he smiles back, walking forward kissing my forehead. he turns me around and places the necklace around my head.

ik these are horrible
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