9| he gets jealous of

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Sebastian. he's always making googly eyes at you. Chase grinds his teeth together in anger making a fist with his hands. at the end of the day you've noticed his weird mood so you cuddle him on the couch as he runs his fingertips along your legs so he knows he's not dreaming, making you slowly drift off to sleep.

Leo. cause you guys are so close, he gets really jealous when you decide to hang out with Leo and not him. but when everyone is asleep you both sneak into the training area and you remind him of why you chose him. and of course cuddling.

Spin. although he is like 10 years old he is definitely a flirt. every once in a while he tends to flirt with you giving you winks or wiggling his eyebrows. but since your the sassy/sarcastic type, you reject his flirts leaving Leo shocked but happy.

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