6| how you protect yourself

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Chase: you have a bow and arrow. you felt as though you were weak and you were sick of Adam, Bree and especially chase trying to protect you. so you wanted to learn how to fight. you got advice from Douglas and he taught you how to fight but once you had a bow and arrow in your hands you were a hero already. the day you showed Chase he couldn't stop smiling because he then knew you were able to go on missions with him as well as his baby girl knew how to fight.

Adam: you have bionic strength. because Adam is not your mentor when everybody is asleep you sneak into the training area and train your bionics there. Adam didn't like the idea of you going on missions with them because he was scared you would get hurt but you had told him multiple times that you can protect yourself, and he believed you.

Leo: ever since you were little you have taken martial arts classes. the first time you pulled a couple moves out on Leo he was instantly impressed, he never knew you were that good at it. it was when Sebastian lead a bionic rebellion and you wanted to help. you had a small argument over it but once you yelled the words "I CAN PROTECT MYSELF!" he instantly trusted you, he knew how good you were and knew you could do it he would never have no faith in you.

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