33| he finds you crying; Kaz and Oliver

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Kaz: you didn't tell anyone this but your father had just been murdered. murdered by Roman to be exact. you wanted to kill him; shoot him with hundreds of arrows in the chest until you know he was dead. you hadn't told your best friend Bree, Mr Davenport, even your boyfriend Kaz. Because you knew that if you told them you would break down feeling weak, and you couldn't have that.

you were down in mission command having a team meeting. you couldn't really hear what everyone was saying because you were trying to drown out the voices. it was nothing important though, just minor house cleaning reminders. suddenly the room went quiet, "hey y/n, you ok?" you looked up to Bree, her hand place reassuringly on your thigh. you put on a brave smile and lied, "i'm fine" you turned your head to Kaz who had a sympathetic look on his face. you hated when people did that. you hate the thought of people feeling sorry for you. You didnt say anything, you felt the feeling of tears wanting to come out, so you stood up and went straight for the hyper lift.

As you reached the back porch you looked over the edge just staring. the knuckles in your hands had turned white from the amount of force you used to stop yourself from crying in front of everyone. and eventually it all just came out, you weren't bothered to stop them because you knew you were alone. until you felt an awfully familiar hand around your waist. "y/n? whats wrong" you shook your head. "its not important just go back-" "y/n it obviously is important because your crying!! i hate seeing you like this!!" you reached over and wrapped your arms around his waist resting your head on his shoulder. a little sniffle appears, "don't make me tell you now... please?" i could feel his arms tighten around my waist reassuringly, "of course baby girl, tell me tomorrow I'm not leaving"

you couldn't take it anymore. the constant bullying from other people. people calling you; fat, ugly, "what a whore". the truth is you weren't a whore. far from it to be exact. the only boyfriend you have ever had was Oliver, and god he was the best thing that had happened to you.

you stopped your car under the dark night sky and let it all out. the tears you were hiding under the fake smiles everyday, it felt good to let it out. you hadn't noticed but you felt oddly familiar hands wrap around your tiny waist. too familiar.. "what are you doing here?" you asked Oliver, slight sniffles appearing. "i could hear you from outside, whats wrong y/n?" you look up and he takes his thumb and wipes the tear from your cheek. you look down, "people are bullying me" you say almost whispering. although, Oliver could hear you. "what?! why did you keep this from me, love i can help you" "but i don't like when you see me cry" you interrupted. "you shouldn't care if people see you cry" he continues. "why.." you say as you wipe a stray tear.

"because i think you look really beautiful when you cry"

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