41| who likes you

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there's a few LGBT+ mentions so please don't hate on my work, i'm just trying to make sure everyone is happy and welcome.. always here for anyone that needs to talk ❤️


Chase: We all know a fact that Chase couldn't get a girl to save his life. But when you came into the picture and accepted him for who he is, he knew you were the one. But ever since the first time he brought you over to his house for the first time, he couldn't help but feel jealous after all Adam has told about you and his feelings.

Adam: Being the oldest, most good looking (if u must ;)) and not so much smart but can speak to the ladies well, Adam was known for "Getting all the chics" He found you and he was over the moon happy. But knowing Chase and how shy he was, Adam knew that he liked you, and probably was in love with you. He sees the way he looks at you... and it saddens him to know that there is a possible connection between you two.

Bree: You and Bree met on her first day of high school and by the time there secret got out, you two had dated and were beyond happy with each other. It has always been just the two of you hanging out; a power couple as who would call it. But it was as soon as Skylar jumped into the picture, Bree immediately had second thoughts about her. It was blankly obvious that Skylar liked you; everything she did would be to try and impress you. It was one day where Bree broke down that you comforted her, making sure to remind her she was the only one you loved.

Leo: Trent was disgusting. a disgusting male in the human species. it was back to the day when you were standing at your locker with your boyfriend, Leo, when he had come up to you, immediately saying how much he likes you. Needless to say your response was, "i'd rather date a fucking hobbo then date a disgusting person lime you and besides i have a boyfriend who treats me the way a woman should be treated" and with that you kissed Leo right in front of him making Trent walk away with shame.

Kaz: You and Kaz were most definitely in love and everybody around you could see it. Even complete strangers in the street could tell you were in love. No petty argument or real fight could ever break your love. It was everyone but one person who had supported your relationship; your best friend, Bree. You guys had always been best friends your entire life and she had fallen in love with you ever since your fight with Krane. She had tried man times to move on. Countless! it was when after your first mission in the underground tunnels when she witnessed Kaz hug you from behind saying, "god im so in love with you Princess" that broke her heart.. She knew that she had been blind to reality.

Oliver: much to your dismay, everyone around you described you and Oliver's relationship as Stydia. And to be honest you were. It started with Oliver liking you since the 3rd and you not realizing your love for him since you defeated his mother. You two had finally gotten together and you couldn't be more happier. Skylar on the other hand wasn't. She had gotten over Oliver right when you two had first said i love you but then you came into the picture and her whole world was upside down. She couldn't help but dream of you at night what it was like to hold you. She knew she could never move on from this.

Skylar: no one would ever mess with you two. You guys were such a power couple and if anyone had hurt wither of you, lets just say that you would both kill to keep you guys safe. Oliver couldn't help but then your badass side is extremely sexy but of course was slowly falling in love with you. Yet of course hadn't told anyone because he was worried he would get his ass kicked by Skylar. The sad part of this story was.. you had started falling for Oliver. It was the fact that Skylar was so aggressive and powerful towards you, you felt trapped in this relationship. Worried if you told her, She could quite possibly beat you. Skylar was smart, she could tell and it was those words that ended your relationship, "i can sense that you and Oliver have a special connection- its ok"

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