22| you die; Kaz and Oliver

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"give us the list... and no one gets hurt" Roman smirks hanging on to crossbow by her collar. Skylar sighs, "give it to him" she gives up. "Skylar then the superheroes would be in danger!" Oliver slightly yells. then i had a plan, it was my turn to save the day. i slowly walk on top of the rock behind us. "this should be fun" Romans eyes stare into mine, like hes staring into my soul. "no, no, no y/n stop!" you hear Kaz yell. you ignore him, aiming the arrow right for Roman's chest. i pulled back the arrow slowly, still having my aim in the middle of Roman's chest. At this point in time the world feels like its in slow motion like its telling me not to do it, but if it saves my friends then so be it. i shoot the arrow and i get it, right in his chest. i smile to myself. "Y/N!!" i hear someone yell. that familiar sound of Bree but i was too late to turn around as i feel a sword impale me into my own chest, yet i feel no pain. i look up from the warm liquid to see tears already forming in Kaz's brown orbs. i slowly fall but then i'm caught in his arms. "is... is she ok... is crossbow ok?" i ask in between breaths. "yeah shes ok" Kaz nods never leaving his gaze from mine. i take three big breaths as i knew i was loosing them slowly. i look up in his eyes, "its ok" i smile. "y/n?!" he says tears falling. "its ok" i repeat tears starting to fall from my own eyes, as well as small whimpers. "its ok... its perfect" another whimper. "i'm in the arms of my first love.. hmm... the first person i've ever loved... the person i'll always love" my eyes never left his and his never left mine. i hated when i saw him cry it made my heart break as much as his was. "y/n don't please" he cried. "i..i" i tried to make out. "i love you... Kaz" his right hand cups my cheek and leans down for one last kiss which was also my last breath.

your family. you didn't actually know who they were but you did know who knew who they were. Riker. you were walking out the door when someone pulled on your wrist turning you around, "whats the rush? where are you going?" that twinkle in his that you absolutely loved and you hated to keep things from him but if he found out exactly where you were going he would get worried but Oliver should know that i can protect myself. "hello, y/n" he says snapping me from my trance. i look down to his hand joining in my fingertips. "don't worry about me" i softly smile walking out the door.

i walked into the middle of the park. it was dark because it was nighttime whats the worse that can happen; a serial killer comes out of nowhere and kills. Well i am in the park alone and i'm mostly sure Riker knows i'm here to. "i know your here Riker!!" i yell. "i need to talk to you!" i yell again. "so do i" i turn around to see Riker having that evil glimpse in his eye and a sly smirk on his face. "i'm pretty sure we're here for the same thing" i sass him. "are we?" he ask.

i throw a punch but he misses. he grabs my arm, pulls it behind me and presses my body against the large rock. "y/n?! whats going on?" That voice is awfully to familiar. i was able to move away from Riker's grasp. "y/n tell me whats going on" Oliver slightly yells. My eyes scan to Riker's, he smirks placing a hand at my throat choking me. i try to wiggle my way out of it. "i want my family back" i manage to say. he laughs, "how bout i take you to them"

his grip on my throat tightens and i slowly start to loose my breath. my breath hitches and my eyes close. Riker lets go and i drop to the floor. i realised that i have been placed in someones lap. "i'm... i'm sorry" i manage to say. "no, no, no y/n don't say that... its my fault i should've come with you before he did this" he starts to cry. "i love you" my eyes close. "i love you to my princess" i feel a long lovingly kiss to my forehead. then my body shuts down.

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