12| hugs

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Chase: you - you hug Chase from behind kissing his shoulder. so he knows that you are always there and he's not dreaming, he's never had a girl quite like you.
him - he does the old fashioned. he wraps his arms around your neck leaving you to wrap your arms around your waist. you take in his scent remembering it, along with all the times you had together.

Adam: you - when you hug Adam its usually when you go to sleep (lol i know he has a capsule but just roll with it) you love to wrap your arms around his waist. you feel he is a very cuddly person.
him - he lets you sit on his lap wrapping both arms around your waist as you rest your head on the top of his. he never wants to let you go, because your his princess; he holds on tight. he wants to protect you.

Leo: sorry i couldnt think of one...


alright so i woke up this morning to see that i got 5K reads. thank u all so much i never thought i would get this much 💛💛💛

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