4| first kiss

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A/N so im updating this today cause friday i am really busy and same with thursday so im a bit early but i will go back to updating on fridays next week.


Chase (continuation of first date): you were on your very first date with Chase. so far he has given you a romantic picnic, you have thrown grapes at each other and continuously giving smiles, and you have loved every bit of it. the sun had just started to go down and it looked so beautiful over the lake. you stood up and walked closer to the lake and continued to stare in awe. "its beautiful isn't it?" you heard a voice from beside you. you smiled at him and nodded. "but i could think of something more beautiful" you turn to look at Chase. you both started to lean in but the sprinklers interrupted the moment. you both laughed at the sudden moment, not expecting this to happen. you smiled at each other and leaned in. you arms wrapped around his neck as well as his arms around your waist. smiles were starting to form on both of your lips. you pull away resting your foreheads together, "i'm sorry i know its the first date i just really like you so much" he says and you smile and kiss him back, "i like you too, alot" Chase dropped you home and you walked up the steps of your house hand in hand. you get to your front door and pull him in for another kiss, you pull apart "be my girlfriend?" he ask. you smile and nod kissing him once more. you walk inside and smile at the thought of him.

Adam: today was the day of your 1 month anniversary and Adam has invited you over to his house. you have been over there before and have met all of his family and you thought they were all really nice towards you, and definately a family you would love to see everyday. your phone had buzzed and you smiled as you saw it was from adam, "hope your here soon❤️" you giggled as you looked up and saw you were right outside his front door. "can you do me a favour and open your front door☺️" you texted. you looked up and saw him. you wrapped your arms around his neck as he hugged you back. he took your hand in his and lead you to the couch where on the tv you saw your favourite movie, Y/F/M. you smiled, "you remembered.." "how could i not" he said reaching for the remote. you felt special when you were with Adam, you know he isn't the smartest person in the world but when he remembers something about you, you instantly smile. it was halfway through the movie and you were enjoying yourself, just cuddled up to Adam watching Y/F/M. you feel his stares so you looked at him, "what?" you giggled. "nothing i just got distracted looking at your beautiful face" you looked down blushing. he lifted your chin and just put his lips on yours. your hands reached for his cheeks and his other hand on the small of your back.

Leo: you were at your locker putting some books in your locker and replacing them with others when you felt a tap on your shoulder. you turned around to find your boyfriend of one month, "hey pretty lady" he smirked leaning on the lockers beside yours. "hey" you smirked back. "so you wanna study after school?" he ask putting his hands in the pockets of his jeans. "your place?" you ask back. "yeah sure and maybe we can watch some movies" he says grabbing your hands. you shut your locker, "only if we get all our studying done, remember we have a huge test tomorrow" he sighs, "ok fine but at least im with you" he smiles. you smile back at him. the loud noise of the bell rings, "i gotta go but i really want to do this first" he says looking around. your confused but are shocked once his lips are met with yours. your hands rest on his cheeks while his move to your back. "hey get to class!!" principal perry yells. Leo and i pull away, "see you at lunch" you smile. he nods, you give him a quick peck and walk off. as soon as you sit down in your seat a stupid smile forms on your face as you think the was your first ever kiss.

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