42| kaz imagine (pt2 "who likes you")

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Bree' POV
"another great mission team!" my brother exclaimed with the biggest smile on his face. "you all saved those in this underground tunnel, great job everybody"

i was standing next to y/n, and which of course was standing next to her boyfriend Kaz. God how i wish i could tell her those three words; its been forever. Since Krane and the soldiers to be exact.

i look to my right looking at her features; her perfect chocolate brown eyes, her freckles. she was beautiful. She was perfect. No doubt Kaz so that in her; the love they have for each other is amazing. its like they're soulmates!

y/n turns her head and smiles at me. i smile back, most definitely trying to hide the tomato color forming on my cheeks. "you were awesome out there!" she smiles widely, nudging my shoulder.

i giggle, "hey so were you, miss huntress" i wink at the nickname. a smile of proud forms as i am able to make her giggle.

i look behind her to see Kaz coming up to us. I follow the direction of his hand and to my assumptions; its placed on the small of her back. i look up to her face and her emotions make my face fall; she's happy. smiling the biggest that she could.

"Chase wants us all to hurry up" He chuckles then kissing the back of her shoulder before walking off to meet Oliver.

y/n then walks over a few feet away to pick up her bag. and thats when i couldn't control myself; "y/n we can always tell each other everything right"

she looks to me. looking at me right in the eyes, a sympathetic look slowly forming on her face, "of course Bree your my best friend. why- your. scaring. me" she says taking pauses in between her words.

"hey don't be scared i just wanted to make sure" i smiled hoping for her to believe me. she smiles walking up to me and placing her arm around my shoulder; i do the same.

"never assume we don't" she smiles. i smile back.



after the constant shifting and turning in my capsule, i found myself wide awake but as well as y/n's empty bed right before my eyes.

i begin to wonder the most she would run off to would be the kitchen drinking her favorite tea because she couldn't sleep.

it wasn't too long until i find myself walking out of our shared room and down the stairs. it was when i reached the bottom of the stairs, god forbidden i would want myself to unsee-

Kaz behind y/n, wrapping his arms around her waist, "i am so in love with you Princess" he says to her, his voice a little raspy due to lack of sleep.

i see her turn around, her arms fitted perfectly around his waist, "i love you too" she smiles. Then of course they were kissing. passionately. lovingly. perfectly.

my heart was officially broken.

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