7| first i love you

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chase: it was a rough start of the week for you, your aunt just died and you were a wreck. she was more than your aunt she was like your sister. you went to school, still feeling the tears dry up. you open your locker seeing a piece of paper fly out of your locker. you bend down and pick it up. you look up into your locker to see a beautiful black dress hanging up in your locker. you open the piece of paper to see the words, 'Because i love you' written on it. you smile to yourself at the thought of who gave you this; you knew exactly who. "nice dress" you heard from next to you. you weren't quite sure who it was when you looked but you saw he had a camera in his hands so you just replied with, "nice camera"

Adam: you were at the academy and you thought Adam was acting quite weird. his chest started heaving up and down quicker than usual and his breathing was heavier. "Adam are you ok" you asked him. he didn't reply. instead his breathing got faster. you knew exactly what was happening; he was having a panic attack. you grabbed his hand and dragged him towards the training area. you sat him down and you sat in front of him. by now his breathes were faster than ever, "ok just think about happy things" you said panicking yourself, "like what" he tried to reply. "i don't know friends, family" he squinted his eyes at you. you knew what to do. you cupped his cheeks, "shhhh Adam... shh" your eyes locked in each others. and your lips locked, your hands still on his cheeks. you slowly pull apart realizing it stopped. "god i love you" he says out of the book. you reply.

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