8| he finds you crying

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Chase: you have been really quiet for the past week. Although you didn't have bionics like everyone else but a bow and arrow, you still felt like you couldn't do anything to help. you thought you were still useless. you were in the main hydra-loop area sitting with your boyfriend Chase. You were quiet while you watch Chase work. he looks towards you noticing the look on your face, "hey y/n are you ok?" he places a hand on your leg. you look up to him already feeling the tears fall. "hey whats wrong?" i take a breath. "i just.... i just feel like im worthless and- and i cant help you guys because all  i have is a stupid bow and arrow-" Chase cups your cheeks with his hands. "your not worthless... your strong, beautiful and having you on the team is exhilarating. because we can use your skills." he kisses your forehead. "just...please don't cry, i hate seeing you upset"
Adam: you had a bad case of anxiety and although most of the times you had anxiety you would cry. as well as panic attacks. today was different, usually your anxiety would be caused by things that were events but this was different. you were anxious that Adam would leave you for someone else. You and adam were alone in the pool area when you started crying. and your crys turned into sobs. Adam looked up, "no no hey whats wrong" he took your hands in his. You sniffle, "i'm-i'm worried that you'll leave me for someone else without telling me" Just saying it out loud would make you cry even more. He got both hands and cupped your cheeks, wiping the tears away. "i would never do that to you. Your the only girl i love, what made you think of this?" you then told him all about your anxiety and how you just cry and he just took you in his arms.

Leo: sorry couldnt think of anything :/

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