21| your guy best friend

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Leo - Adam, Chase, Bree, Leo and I were in the lab; saying our last goodbyes. It was Chase, Bree and I staying with mr davenport and Adam and Leo staying at the academy. Tears had been shed and goodbyes have been said but i just had on more, my best friend. i walked over to him. "i'm gonna miss you y/n" Leo said. "me too" i said back smiling. I put a hand on his shoulder, "im proud of you" i start. we go to hug resting my head on his shoulder, "im proud of us" i finish.

himself - "hey Adam have you seen my phone-" i stop in my tracks to see Adam taking selfies on my phone, "i have no idea" he says smirking. we look at each other for at least five seconds before i started running after him. "GIVE IT BACK!" i yelled. "NEVER!" he yelled. as i keep running after him and as i get closer i was able to jump in his back. "IM NOT GETTING OFF UNTIL YOU GIVE IT BACK!" i yelled laughing. we kept fighting for the phone until i was able to reach for it and quickly grab it, jumping off his back and running away Not knowing that he was running not far behind.

Chase - i walk in to the training area to see Adam and his group stretching but Chase and his group not moving at all? i walked over to my best friend confused as ever. "whatcha doin there pal" i teased. ""you seriously don't wanna know" he scoffs. i knew that he was controlling his team with the triton app. "not even if i do this" i smirk. i start to poke his side making him flinch from the touch. i keep doing this causing small giggles to erupt from his lips.

Oliver - I walked into the penthouse and noticed Oliver on the balcony. i walked out with silence wanting to know what he was up to. "one banana on a stick with chocolate" he starts making me confused as to what he was up to. "why thank you Oliver this is my favorite" he says with a girly voice. i walk up behind him, "silly girl-" "whatcha doin" i interrupt him obviously scaring him by his girly scream. "to be fair this isn't the weirdest thing I've done" he admits. "talking to imaginary Skylar again" i smirk. he looks to the floor ashamed, "yes" i walk up to him "Oliver, i'm sure one day she's gonna realize what a great guy you are, she has to" i smile. "thanks y/n" he smiles back going in for a hug.

Kaz - i walk into the kitchen of the penthouse and i think i had some nasty food before because i wasn't sure if seeing a pig on the couch next to my best friend was in my imagination or reality. it oinked, "what was that?" Bree asked. "me" Kaz said quickly. i snuck up behind him hiding behind the couch. the pig oinked again. "don't think that was you Kaz" Bree said. "HEY!" i yelled scaring him because Kaz got up revealing the pig. "where did you come from?!" he asked holding onto his chest. "well you see when a mummy and a daddy love each other-" "OK I GOT IT!" he interrupts me causing a laugh from my own lips.

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