Adam | he saves you

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Adam: Sebastian had almost killed you. though you could feel yourself already dieing. you were lying on the couch in the mentors dorm of the island. your eyes were closed and it was dead silent.
Adams POV
her eyes were shut no movement coming from her. "y'n?!" i say cupping her cheeks. the tears were building up, wanting to fall right down my cheeks. "y/n come on open your eyes" the tears were falling. "y/n come on show me your beautiful y/e/c eyes" i caressed her cheek with my thumb hoping for some sought of reaction from her.
Third person
  the room was silent. Tears were starting to come from Bree. Chase just stood being silent as well as Mr Davenport, Douglas and Leo. Adams tears started to fall, soon turning into yells "GODDAMIT!"
but you; your body wasn't sure what to do, go towards the light? or come back to earth? but you finally decided you thought it was the right thing to do...
Your POV
your body started to tingle; from the top of your toes moving up towards the top of your head, although you couldn't feel anything move. "GODDAMIT!" you knew that voice. that familiar, husky voice you loved. Adam. you felt your eyes slowly twitch open. you looked up to see the familiar brown orbs staring sadly at you, seeing the dry tears (and the fresh ones) you slowly sat up with the help of Adam. you both stared at each other, still feeling the connection. "your ok" he says softly. "yeah" you pursed your lips. you heard footsteps, familiar ones. "mom?"
Third person
Y'n looked to her left to see her mother, staring intently at her with sad eyes. she walked up to her embracing her in her arms, grabbing her tiny body. y/n's mother started rubbing her back soothingly until y/n said, "Adam... saved me" everyone had been able to hear it. although Adam didn't show it, he was more than happy, knowing that he saved her girls life.


A/N just a little something special for all you Adam girls out there , thank you all so much for 3K reads i love writing this book and i hope u all love reading it. i will definitely be continuing this book although i have had a few ideas for a new book i want to write ;)

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