37| first i love you; Kaz & Oliver

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kaz: you had been doing some thinking lately. not just any regular thinking that people do on daily basis, this was real. you realized it.

you loved him.

you loved kaz.

none of you had said the 'L' word yet. you were scared. scared that once he said it he was gonna leave. and you didn't want that. you couldn't imagine your life without him.

as your mind had drifted off to space, the door had interrupted your thoughts and revealed kaz. you smiled, "hey" he smiled back, leaning over the couch and kissing your cheek.

you looked to your best friend, Bree. you stood up standing next to her, "i need to talk to you" and without waiting for her reaction, you were pulling her up the stairs and towards your shared room with her and Skylar.

you shut the door and turned around, "whats wrong is everything ok?" she asks in a panicky tone resting a hand on your arm.

"i-i..." you were trying to get the words out but it was difficult and you weren't even talking to him- you were talking to your best friend.

"y/n what is it, you can tell me anything" the palms of her hands now resting on both your rosy cheeks.

you look her in the eyes, she was right- you could tell her anything..

"i love him" you say, looking at her directly in the eyes. but she doesn't do anything. she smiles, "have you told him?" she ask happily.

i look down, playing with the silver chain of the bracelet he got me for my birthday, "i'm scared" you don't know why but tears were starting to spill up in your eyes.

"hey, hey shh.." Bree starts resting her palms on your cheeks like before. "there is nothing to be scared about y/n this is normal-"

"-everybody goes through this" she wipes the tears that were streaming down my cheeks.

"do you know how many times that boy talks about you when you aren't around-"

"-so much that half of us get annoyed about it" i giggle slightly.

"that boy loves you y/n, you shouldn't be scared"

there was a knock at the door, "y/n, baby, is everything ok" his sweet voice rung through. Bree looks towards me and smiles, "and nows your perfect chance"

she walks over to the door opening so i'm able to see him. "hey is everything ok, i got worried" he says panicky pulling me into a tight hug, "i'm ok" i say smiling.

by this point the door was closed and Bree was nowhere to be found. i look up into his gorgeous brown eyes that i could just get lost into any day and i intwine his fingers in mine,

"i love you" i blurt out. he smiles, "thank god" he relaxes pulling me into a passionate kiss.

"so why'd you make this fancy dinner anyways?" i ask my boyfriend wiping the food that caught onto the side of my lip.

"can't i just have a lovely meal with my lovely girlfriend" he smirks. i put the napkin down looking him in the eyes, "you and i both know that you need to talk to me about something"

i take a sip from my drink, watching Oliver chuckle slightly at my sass.

i put down my drink and place my hand on top of his, "talk" i say rubbing my thumb against his soothingly.

he looks up at me and i smile. he takes my hand and intwines our fingers together,

"i love you y/n-"

"you are the light in my life"

"you are the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow that everyone loves-" he says making us both giggle.

he puts his left palm against my rosy cheek, soothingly rubbing his thumb against it,

"and most importantly-"

"your the beautiful love of my life"

i smile, at the beautiful speech i was just given. i lean in kissing him passionately and sure enough there were fireworks. i loved him.

we both pull away resting our foreheads against each others, "i love you too, Oliver"

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