44| someone catches you

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Chase: you and the team had taken all the students of the island to a pizza place on the mainland. the whole way there, you knew completely that Chase was in that kinda mood; placing a hand on your high thigh, kissing your neck. as you were sitting down drinking your milkshake, he was watching your every move. so you decided to tease him. taking your index finger and putting it in the whipped cream, you made sure to lick all of it from your finger; every last bit. you looked to Chase giving him those sexy eyes and a wink; he couldn't take it. he stood up, taking the milkshake glass in your hand and placing it on the counter top, as well as lifting you up and placing yourself there. your legs wrapped around his waist you began to make out. both your tongues fighting for dominance, although, he won by far. hands moving to your ass and grabbing it roughly, you couldn't help but suppress a moan through the kiss. you heard a cough come from behind you. you both look to see Spin with quite an annoyed look on his face. "do you guys mind!"

Adam: much like Adam, Bree and Chase you were a mentor. you have been on break for only five minutes and you were already bored out of your mind. so here you were, sitting on the side in the training area watching Adam teach. you most definitely couldn't help admire; his big broad muscles that stand out, his prominent jawline, and your favourite; his big, piercing chocolate brown eyes. all you could think was, 'he's all mine'. you bit your lip, hard. you noticed him walking your way, but although, you didn't stop. you knew how much that had an effect on him. he sat down beside him sighing, "you know if you keep looking at me like that, i'm gonna be forced to take you right here, right now in front of all these people" he smirked. i leaned in closer to him, "so do it" i whispered. his eyes went wide and then smirked. super strength kicking in, he lifted you up to straddle his waist. making out, you slightly swaying your hips on him and his hands on your waist. "really guys... save that for the room" you looked behind you to see Chase, not impressed.

Leo: you walked in school with a giant smirk on your face, not caring about those around you. your thoughts go back to your date with your boyfriend, Leo last night. nothing much just catchin' a movie. you had accidentally moved your hand onto his thigh, a little too high than you should've. and from then on, you just kept teasing. you got to your locker putting your books away and smirked even bigger at who you saw coming at the corner of your eye. Leo got to you and lightly pressed you up against the lockers, kissing you roughly, his hands on your waist as well as yours the the nape of his neck. he started to kiss your neck- "Dooley. Y/L/N. not in my halls!" you pulled away knowing it was Perry. slowly moving away from each other, you gave Leo a wink as you turned back to your locker.

Bree: you and all the team were sitting in the living room of the penthouse just enjoying your time together. you knew it. Bree was in the mood. you always knew because she always became clingy towards you. knowing what you were doing, you placed your hand on her inner thigh, moving it up higher every few seconds. you looked her in the eyes, she couldn't take it. you smirked at her and winked. "hey guys i'm just gonna go get some fresh air for a bit" you say waling towards the patio. once you reached the patio, you heard quick footsteps behind you and when you turned around, Bree had already pressed you against one of the pillars holding up the balcony. you had driven her over the edge. her kisses being rough. your hands on her waist she began to roughly place hickies on your neck- "oh" you both heard from behind you to see Skylar standing there, twiddling her thumbs and you could've sworn you saw a sad look spread across her face.

Kaz: ever since you got back to the penthouse from the mission in the underground tunnels, you couldn't help but want, no need, to attack Kaz's face with kisses. partially his fault though, whenever he got the time, a hand was placed on your ass or squeezed on your hips, or kisses had ben placed on your neck or jawline. because it was a mission you couldn't tell if he was protecting you or he wanted to throw you on the bed and make sure the whole tower of people could hear the both of you. you were all in the living room. just to tease, you made sure you sat in the middle of Bree and Oliver and left Kaz sitting in front of you on the blue chair. he wasn't happy. as everyone was talking, you were not. you were distracted. Kaz eyes all on you, his prominent jaw clenched. of course you found it sexy. you wanted him- no needed him. "well, i'm going to bed" Chase said placing you back to reality from your... thoughts. as everyone was leaving i just sat there, "y/n aren't you coming" i looked up to see Bree waiting for me. i shook my head, "i'm just gonna grab a glass of water" you smiled. "and i'll be with her" Kaz smiled, but i most definitely knew what i was in for. as she was out of sight, Kaz grabbed my arm and pulled me in for a kiss. rough. he needed this, i could tell. he pulled away making me want more. he sat on the couch, looking up at me and patting his lap, "c'mere princess" i smiled sitting on his lap. i cupped his face with both of my hands and kissed him. i started grinding along him and being that effect it has on him, he didn't hesitate to let out a throaty groan. i smirked at my victory. "y/n?" we hear that familiar voice of Bree. we both looked up to the stairs giggling, "oh hey Bree-" i say but she interrupts me, "how could you" she simply says, i saw tears in her eyes. "huh?" i simply questioned. "and to think i was in love with you" she blurts out.

*i might make an imagine for that one hehe ^^*

Oliver: Oliver had planned a beautiful candlelit dinner for you both on the patio. "Oliver this was really beautiful- you are really beautiful" he smiled. i placed my hand on top of his smiling and i could've sworn his face goes into shock. he looks up at me. i smile at him, "thank you" he then didn't hesitate to lean over the table and kissed me. of course i kissed him back. i cupped his cheeks with both my hands as i get out of my sit. although his hands are resting right against my ass, i could tell full well that this kiss could be nothing more but lovingly. "bout time" we heard from behind us. we both pulled away smiling widely at each other and looked behind us to see Bree and Skylar standing against the door frame, wide smirks across their faces.

Skylar: you were in the kitchen plating up some lunch for you and your girlfriend, Skylar. as you were finishing your famous grilled cheese, you looked up to see Skylar walking towards you, smirking. "hey babe" you said and looked back down to the sandwich. she walked behind you, turning you around and forcefully kissing you on the lips. of course you didnt deny it, instead you put your hands around her neck, kissing her back with the same amount of force. you knew that when she strutted in the room with that smirk on her face, it had that sort of effect on you. you knew she was in the mood for you. "yo guys-" we looked behind us to see Oliver, standing there ands on his hips awkwardly. he points to the table, "we kinda eat there..."

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