Soul Miner

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As I floated in the space my throat soar from the slashing the thing gave me, but slowly it was healing. So kudos to the black void's healing power, yay! I closed my eyes and enjoyed the peace while I could until I heard a crackle of thunder and felt drops of rain pour onto me.I opened my eyes and saw that I was laying on sand, not even dirt, cacti stood tall be side me, I looked around and saw that I was at the base of a hill and surrounded by a vast desert. The sky was dark and lightning spewing from the clouds mouths, sending ripples of pounding thunder. The rain pelted against my skin as I looked around for shelter, I saw a winding path leading up the hill, and decided it would be best to fallow it.

As I walked along the twisted path the rain began to pelt harder and harder against my skin, finally I came across a tunnel dark and musky slightly humid but decided it best to go there than stay out there and catch a cold. Could you catch a cold in this weird place? I dunno, but still I didn't want to risk it. Being sick is the last thing I want at this place, I looked around for a possible light so I could be able to see in the dark tunnel I was in. My curiosity was nagging non stop to go in and explore further light or no light it wanted to go and explore. Finally I came across a 1950's rusted box flash light and saw that I wasn't in a tunnel after all but a mining shaft. How do I know you ask? Oh you know seeing rail road tracks and wooden pillars kinda tells you so and also along with the pick axes and hoes. You know mining tools, anyways I walked along the rail road tracks hoping to find the possible loot the miners were looking for. After a while I heard soft clinking sounds and humming, of course my eleven year old wonder and curiosity got the best of me and started walking me towards the sound.

The sound was constant, every clink took a heart beat before the next one came in after it. The low ceiling echoed the sound until it became louder and louder. Then I saw another light at the end of the tunnel or shaft, I shut off my light and let my surroundings go dark but the light ahead and fallowed it. I was so close to it, I felt the walls begin to turn and then I saw a bright little ore. The ore shinning brightly in the dark, I stared at it in wonder.

"Its a beauty idin't it?" Said a gruff voice behind me.

I saw from the light gave me a round gray skinned miner in front of me. Complete with a dark beard and bald head, he showed him self in a flannel underneath a set of overalls, with a set of brown dusty boots to complete the look. I couldn't see his eyes but I nodded slowly.

"Do you know what they are youngin?" He said with a sniff.

I shook my head and smiled, "No but it is very pretty. What is it sir."

"Soul ore youngin, they are souls that cant free them self on their own." He took a step foreword, raised his pick ax and it was then I got to see his eyes, they were completely white and soulless. I gasped as he brought the pick ax down took the ore and ate it. The light was gone and I heard a tortured and raw scream escape his stomach. I shuddered and slowly backed away from the round man.

"Why did you eat it?" I asked

He laughed than spat down onto the floor, "Mans gotta eat idin't that right youngin?"

I still had the advantage of total darkness, or well that was until I began to glow softly, I saw the mans white eyes light up and said, "You got a soul!"

I ran as he lumbered after me, note to self, if you have a soul and go into a mine shaft you'll glow. I screamed in terror as he swung his pickax around with it clinking around against hard rocks. Finally he hit a support beam and caused the rocks to cave in, I don't know if he was crushed or if there was a wall between us now, either way I was momentarily glad.

Till he walked through the barrier and said, "Good mornin sunshine!" and swung his pick ax nailing he sharp end in my ear and a sickening crack and I was in the black once more.

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