She's Still Haunts My Dreams

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A giggling shadow passed by the closet door of which I was hiding in and went out the bedroom door and into the hall.  I looked out tempted to follow but I decided it's safer here in my small hiding spot. I curled in a ball and held my sister's stuffed monkey close. As my eyes begin to flutter close, a deep angry growl came from  within my hiding spot. Scared, I held the stuffed monkey close, then the growl became louder. It was then, I decided that it was the best idea to leave my hiding spot and find a new one. I ran as fast as my ten year old legs could go and ran into the hall where the giggling shadow once was. Running in the same direction the shadow had seemed to go, the growl followed. Though this was my house in the dark I barely could make out shapes, shadows, or figures, everything was barely recognizable. I tripped over some toys left on the floor but still I got up and moved occasional looking back to make sure that the growling thing was no longer fallowing me. All I saw was a small humanoid figured shadow skipping as it fallowed me.

As I ran into the kitchen and hid into the pots cupboard, heart racing as I listened for the humanoid figure that fallowed me and prayed that they or it didn't see where I hid. A set of skipping footsteps echoed in the kitchen, then left. Sighing in relief, I peeked out to see a large shadow in front of the cupboard. I sank deeper into the cupboard holding the monkey close to my beating chest. All was silent in the kitchen until a small giggle interrupted it something opened the cupboard and light flooded into the dark place.

  "Dan-Dan why are you in there? You know mum doesn't like it when we hide in the pots and pans cupboard." says a little girl in a light blue dress with her red curls tucked behind her ears.

"Cassity? B-but you were.... I-I saw you..." I stamper.

Her emerald eye's clouded, "I what Dan-Dan?"

I climb out and held her close as and begin to cry. Her small arms wrap around me as her hand rubbed my back for comfort.

She says, "It's okay. It's just your nightmares again. You're okay and I'm okay."

Relief flood over my whole body as I hold her closer. I breath in her lavender scent and relaxed at her words. But then she stops, I feel something warm and wet against my shirt. I pull back and look at reflecting the horror in her eyes. A deep jagged cut appeared at her neck,blood sputtered out and leaked onto her chest.

She chokes out blood as she says, "D-dan-dan  s - ave e."

Her eyes roll back and she begins to shake violently. Her screams echoed through the whole house as flames licked up her body and set her alight. Finally she fell, her charred body lay there, her once pale skin now was black, I fall to my knees and begin to weep.

"No, not again. You can't die again. Please..." I wept.

Once more, the growl came again,  I turn my head to look for the source of the growling, fear rippled through my body as I held the charred corpse.  I scanned the kitchen to see to find it but, it was nowhere to be seen. From behind, soft paws grabbed my hair and yanked my head back. I look up and see the stuffed monkey on top of me holding me down with weight it shouldn't have had. Invisible claws began to scratch and rip at my skin. I scream and yell for help but nothing or no one comes. Once it stops I lay there bleeding and fading,  Still on top of me the stuffed monkey leans down its sharp teeth beginning to rip through its mouth seams glistening in the darkness.

  Its head goes down to my ear as its says, "wk p kd." Then  rips off my ear and begins to gnawing through my skull and tears at my brain sending me into a black void, still bleeding.

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