To The Carnival.

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I groan as I sit up and stand. It's Cold and its dark, I look around to see what I fell on then I see me. My brown hair messy, and my green eyes wide and scared. I let out a loud and terrible scream. My body was bent in horrible directions with blood dripping down and out of my mouth. I stumble back and fall down still staring at my dead body. Then a dog walks up to it then starts to eat it, horror as if it didn't before grips my whole body once more.

"Its gruesome isn't it? To see your dead body?" I look back to see Cassity.

"What?" I ask.

She grabs my hand and shines a smile down at me, "You look older Dan-Dan."

I stand up and look down at her, "Older? But I'm only ten Cassity."

She smiles and pulls me around the forest. Dodging branches, roots, and rocks as we climb through the forest. We go through the forest until finally we come to an old ripped Circus tent. I look around to see an old rusted farris wheel to the side along with a broken marry-go-around, it all seemed like a old broken down carnival. Cassity lets go of my hand and disappears in the tent, then suddenly light came through the folds and holes of the tent. Curious I fallow her in, once I was in all I could see were carcasses. Some of rotting elephants others of large cats, and monkeys. Fly's swarmed around them and the smell of rotting meat and vomit lingered around them.

"Cassity?" I whispered, "Cassity?"

I began walking past the carcasses and near the circle in the middle. Once I'm in the middle I see more corpses, they looked as if they'd been eaten to the bone. An insane laughter broke out from the silence. Instinctively I hid behind the bleachers and peeked out from between them. A tall skinny clown with miss matched and slightly torn clothes went through the flaps on the other side of the entrance. His eyes seemed misty, his hair almost gone except for a few stringy strands and his make up cracked and pealing showing raw muscle. He walked with a limp and beside him was Cassity. She struggled as much as she could but nothing worked.  He brought her to the middle and threw her to the ground.

After his laughing fit he said, "Little, little missy. What are you doing? Behind the curtains so far away? You should't want to play today. For today I feast on," then his tone changed into to a deep mocking growl, "souls."

With on fell swoop he was on top of her, she let out a shrill scream as the clown sank his glistening fangs onto the top of her head then began to swallow her whole. With a satisfied  sigh he rubs his stomach. I tried to step away  but the hay made a soft sound. Silently I hoped and I prayed that he didn't hear it. I open my eyes to see hes no longer in the middle. I hold my breath and stand still, then something squeaks above me.

I could feel the clowns lipstick smeared mouth smile as its fangs showed when he said, "Come, come now, its rude to hide. You mustn't be afraid for I am a simple clown. What you might have seen was just a mere act."

Then just then the squeaking stopped and all was silent and hands grabbed me and yanked me up and threw me into the middle. I looked over to the clown to see a sickening show of my very own.  The clown bent down on all fours, the with the sound of bones cracking the clowns face began to change. It's mouth going out ward into a muzzle with sharp fangs and a long drooling tongue was made while his head turned around and upside down, his fingers grew longer and his nails began to make claws of many sizes. His white powdered face  and lipstick was still there his skin was still there. Horrified I wanted to scream and run, but nothing came out and I couldn't move.

It chuckled and snapped its head into the right position sending chills down my back. It crooned seeing my expression , "I'm a very freak of my own invention, for I and only I have the shape of a dogs head and can stand on all fours comfortably. You see my child like soul, that girl died because she saw me like this and I'm afraid, (well not really) that I have to kill you too."

Then finally I ran, I ran back into the woods, I ran fast, I ran hard. The thing began to hum behind me as if it where having fun. I looked back to see if I could spot the beast but failed. Then it began to sing.

"Hush, hush don't cry. For I don't mean to pry in to flesh. I just need the meat, its my treat!" The it stopped for a moment as I fell and hit my face on the forest floor. "You maybe pray, but we can't play. Because you need to sleep, and I need to eat."

The it stopped. I hoped and prayed one last time hopping it wouldn't find me. Finally I felt weight on my back as its claws dug into my skin I let out a scream. Its muzzle next to my ear it said, "Wakie wakie eggs and bakie." Then it began to devour me whole like poor Cassity, and I fell down the slimy trap. And into the black once more....

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