Back Into The Black

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     I lay there bleeding in the black void, slowly my wounds begin to heal. With sudden force my body was thrown down. I screamed and struggled against something, my eyes fluttered open to a brightly lit room. My wrists and ankles bound to  a bed, adrenaline pounding in my ears, fear creeping through every nerve of my body. My breath hitched after every inhale, my eyes darting from padded wall to padded wall, then a slow creaking of a door fills my ears, every movement of resistance stops as I tilt my head to the side and see a tall man in a black trench coat with a clip board walk toward me.

  "He's awake, " Says the man. His bald head gleamed against the lighting of the room, but as I tried to focus on his face it began to blur and continued until I couldn't make out a single feature of his face not even a shadow of his nose or something.

   "Is he now? Daniel how are you today?" asks a small woman beside the tall man. Like the bald man I can't see her face but her hair which was pulled back in a bun, and she wore the same exact thing as the man wore.

"Who are you?" I spat angrily, "Why am I tied like this?"

"Because they think your insane Dan-Dan..." Says a quite voice.

"Who said that?" I ask  trying to shrink back away from the voice.

A girls figure drips in front of the two people. Her light blue dress seemed to be dripping wet along with her red hair flattened to the sides of her face. Her dull emerald gaze lifts to mine, her skin pail again, but she looked sad.

"Cassity? But I'm not!" I said urgently.

"I don't think he's okay Fester." Says the lady.

Then Cassity begins to turn transparent then she says, "I love you Dan-Dan" before she turns into water and splashes onto the floor. She gone.... I think.

"CASSITY!! CASSITY!!" I scream and yell over and over. The people begin to freak out and  hold my shoulders down.

"Get the shot!" Yells one of them as the other scrambles to get the needle.

  I scream and try to kick trying to break free. Tiers flow down my cheeks as I scream for my lost sister. The person comes back with the needle and tries to inject it into my wrist. But I knock it out of their hand, with a loud shatter of the glass, they run to get another. I am left alone struggling to get free, screaming, yelling, crying, to get out to find her. Then, they finally come back, one of them hold and tilts my head to the side while the other injects the needle into my neck. After that they coil back and watch me. After a minute my head begins to become heavy and my eyes begin to flutter.

"Daniel its for your best health," says a soft gentle voice as they place a soft gentle hand on my cheek. I try to respond but I fade into the cold darkness. I stay there floating for a while until I crash down onto something with a sickening crack.

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