Soul of The Wretched

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      I floated in the white my arm, hand, and back slowly started to feel better. I looked over to see oh my lord I have my arm back! And My shirt! Wait no, awwww I probably looked epic with one arm and no shirt.  Morbid thoughts by and eleven year old biography come and get it. I chuckled at my own sarcasm, and slowly the light turned red and the air became hot. Slowly and gently I was put down in a place set aflame except for my path I was on. Pillars of coffins rose from the chasm beside my path, I felt a strap on my chest and fallowed it to find something soft first then a hilt. I looked back and saw I had white wings that gently brushed the floor of the path. I pulled out a silver sword with "Nightmare Warrior" engraved into it, at the hilt was the clown with its jaws stretched wide with a pearl in it. I looked at the path, took a deep breath and walked along the broken path.

     Screams of tortured souls sounded off every where, hands clawed out of the coffins, some were open showing naked burnt bodies on a bent pole as they struggled to get out of their eternal trap. I winced and rubbed my stomach and marched on. Finally I came to a clearing with grass, pomegranate trees, daffodils, and small round pointy trees, a river flowed through the clearing. MY feet started to move when I began to hear the sound of a woman weeping. I fallowed it until I came upon a familiar sight. The same pale lady with a black veil pulled over her face and same lacy black dress. I keeled before her and asked, "Miss why are you here the horse brought you down here?" 

     She sniffed and said, "I have condemned myself down here child..."

     I sat in front of her and prodded her, "What did you do?" 

     She laughed and pulled back her veil exposing the orange hair and green eyes that were oh so familiar to me, "What did I do to you Daniel?"

     "It's you!" I yelled, "Why show me the nice side of you now and not when I lived with you? What did I do to deserved your abuse!"

     She flinched at my words and whimpered, "To make up for what I have done child."

     "I hate you!" I screamed and brought the sword down, she caught the blade and threw me back. Her head split in three as she hunched down on all fours and grew into a giant three headed bull dog with her green eyes.

     "All I want is your forgiveness!" She barked and snapped at me.

     I swung the sword at her leg slicing it a bit, she howled in agony. "Never!"

     She snarled and swiped me with her paws but I dodged letting my wings take flight. One of her heads reached and caught my by my leg. I screamed and swiped the sword down at her muzzle causing her to let go. "Why child do you cast me away?"

      "Because you hurt Cassity and you killed her and I both!" I roared.

       Her eyes saddened as she whimpered, "I didn't kill her love, she killed her self, she hung her self when she saw you get shot..... She couldn't handle the trauma."

     My sword hung at my side as I stared at her in disbelief.... "No...." I whined.

     My wings brought me down to her eye level, "Please tell me its not true." I whimpered.

     She touched her nose to my forehead and I saw and felt the helplessness and sorrow at the sight of my little Cassity hanging from bed sheets. I saw it all I saw why she did it I felt her fear, her guilt, her self hatred, her hatred towards others, and her sorrow. I sobbed and hugged her muzzle. "Mommy it hurts to see those things I'm so sorry. For all the things I said and the things that were done to you...."

     "So you forgive me?" She asked cautiously. 

     I nodded and whimpered, "Yes I do..."

    Slowly she changed back and held me. She rocked slowly and clung to me as we both cried on each others shoulder.

      "Well done my child." Said a soft warm voice. I Looked up and saw another woman smiling down at me and my mom with soft and warm brown eyes. Gold hair flowed down her back as she wore a white flowing dress.

     "Who are you?" I croaked my throat still soar from the crying.

     "Hestia child, goddess of the hearth.The goddess of homes should I say, and my child you have completed your tests with flying colors, you showed you could feel pain, let go of your fears, and forgive."

    Cassity in her blue dress came running at me and threw her arms around me as she said, "You did it Dan-Dan you passed!" I held her close and sobbed on her shoulder. My mom got up and walked over to Hestia.

     "I believe our walk isn't done now isn't it?" She asked slowly.

    The goddess smiled and said, "No child come we will finish your walk."

     They walked and disappeared behind the trees going into nothing. My sword pulsed into a white bright light, growing brighter with each pulse. and clinging to Cassity she and I dissolved into the white light our souls finally free.

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