By The Ocean I See Red

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   For a moment I stay somewhere with my eyes closed, hoping it would all end there. This horrible reality would cease. When I finally opened my eyes I saw sky's of blue with fluffy clouds in them, there was salt in the air and water was washing up to my feet. I sat up and stared into an ocean, it's blue waters sparkled. There were no birds anywhere to be seen or people, I let the water splash my feet as I sat there inhaling the sea side scent. I closed my eyes and just listened to the ocean waves crash into each other. For what seemed like long moments it was peaceful, for long moments I forgot about everything, it felt like pure bliss.

   Finally I decide to stand and walk along the ocean line, after a terrifying experiences its nice to see the total opposite of it, but remembering that takes away my ease. I close my eyes until I hear strange noises, its loud, and its not just one noise its many noises going off at once. I open my eyes once more and see dozens, even hundreds on the beach. Men, women, children alike playing on the beach. I take a hard blink and the people are gone, I do it again and they are there again.

  Then I begin to  experiment with this, I blink normally they'er still there, then I blink hard as if I'm trying to wake up from a dream, and they're gone all of them. l laugh a little, a genuine laugh then I begin to play with it. I close my eyes and open them people gone, I do it again people on. I do and laugh seeing the people come and go (literally).  I mused my self while playing with this what I thought as a gift, my ease from my memories, but that was until I was stuck. The people stayed no matter how hard I closed my eyes they continued walking, playing on the beach.

    I shrugged thinking well its nothing bad so might as well enjoy the weather and swim. I get up and begin walking, a little girl comes up and holds out a shovel to me as she says, "Do you want to help me dig?"

    I thought to myself Why not shes a little girl what harm can she do? So I smile at the little girl and say, "That seems like fun."

    She then grabs my hand and drags me over to a spot and begins to dig with a smaller shovel. We dig for a while and we look at each other and exchange smiles. We dig and we dig deep, so deep that we found so much sea glass in so many colors we could build a mini castle out of it. After a while I grow curious and ask, "What are we? pirates looking for buried treasure?"

     She shakes her head, "No we're tomb raiders looking for the lost body."

    I look at her for a moment but decide to shrug it off, after all she was a child like me, and children like us have strong imaginations. So I decided it best to continue digging before my curiosity caught up with me. As we continued to dig its sad to say my curiosity caught up with me and racked my brain, normally when a child is a tomb raider they look for treasure not bodies so why is this kid? I thought to my self. The curiosity dug into me breathing over my shoulder and into my ear almost whispering, "Why don't you ask?Hmmmm, its quite an odd thing to look for don't you think?"

   I continued to shrug it off until I hit something soft but solid. She smiles as she says, "We found him."

   "Found who?" I say.

    " My brother of course." She says.

   I stare at her but once I blink everyone is gone. My peace with this place has gone through the window and into the incinerator of hell. I stand up and brush the sand off of my clothes, torn from the past places. I hold my head high and smile. Maybe if I don't show i'm scared nothing bad will happen. I walk along the beach shore picking up the occasional sea shells and studding them. Then the people come back, eating and playing once more.  The girl I was digging with now was sitting with what I would guess to be her brother, eating ice cream.

  Then she gets up and runs over to me with a smile plastered to her face. When she was at me feet she looked up and said, "Thank you for helping me find my brother!"

  I looked down at her for a moment confusion buzzing through my head as she spoke once more her voice got older and cracked as she crooned, "I would have gotten in trouble if I left my brother dead in the sand."

   "But your brothers over there," I pointed to where he was sitting.

    As I looked over my shoulder it was then I noticed that he was oddly pail. Purple veins webbing under his skin, as his hair was plastered to his face. When his head turned to me, horror stuck, the skin on his face withering away showing the bloodied muscle underneath, with flies swarming to pick at it, his eyes were like large black holes sucking in your soul with just a glance. He smiled showing his rotting teeth and black gums, with a sudden cough maggots flew out like thrown grenades. I  looked at the little girl to see she was beginning to look the same as her brother.

   In her new voice she said, "If  you dig deep enough you can find more."

     With her sudden scream I was alone on the beach once more. My heart pounding in my ears, my lungs tight, my head feeling light, if i'd ever see her again it would be too soon. I looked behind me peeking into what looked like a large city. The lights blaring, cars parked, apartments high in the air, the wind whistling between the alley ways. Something warm and thick washed up between my feet, then washed away.

    I looked down to see a trail of red leading back to the body of water, curious I glance back to see the ocean now red. The read  liquid washed up again, once it subsided it left back severed limbs. I screamed and yelled for help, the only response I got was more limbs being left back from the red liquid. Taking small steps back getting ready to turn and run the liquid seemed to do the same. As I got further away from it the liquid got further away from me, I looked beyond the shore finding a wave getting higher and higher ready to be released, I glanced around seeking cover. No, no, no, no, none of this will work I will die again because I couldn't find shelter. I helplessly thought. Then, just then a door opened in one of the buildings. I turned and ran, I could hear the roar of the waves crashing to get to me. Just as I got to the street I tripped over the lip of a curve, I let out a yell and got back up. I could hear the waves coming closer raging towards me.

  Almost, almost, you're almost there! As I grabbed the rim of the door, something caught my leg. I didn't  dare look back, in horror movies it was always a bad idea so I'd  guess the same applies here. I used both hand and pulled myself to free my leg, little by little I was able to twist into the doorway. come one you're almost in! I let out a yell, and it pulled me out of the door and into the liquid. I held my breath as long as I could swimming in the direction the door was at, but my efforts were worthless, the thick liquid drained my energy, and I needed air. Kicking up for oxygen, black began to cloud the sides of my vision, the thick liquid oozing into my throat filling my lungs, then finally, finally, it all went black.

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