The Forest of Hands

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For what felt like the millionth time I float in the endless space. As always I let my self hang there just enjoying the silence and peace while I can. Then finally gravity came and pulled me down, quickly I gained speed faster as I descended. With a final sploosh I landed into a murky body of water, it wasn't deep at all, it went up to mid thigh at the least... I sighed and slowly made my way to the bank of the body of water. I sighed as I looked down to see pine needles and dirt sticking to my bare and wet feet. I looked around and saw nothing but birch and maple trees all around the body of water. By the looks of the leaves it was autumn... The bright oranges, yellows, and rusty colors up on the leaves draping over my head. I looked around to see if anywhere would give me a place to go. As I looked around I saw nothing that would indicate a place to go, I sighed once more then went in a random direction and hoped that would fair me well.

The sweet smell of crisp air and dead leaves drifted through the forest. Peace... I thought nothing but the swaying branches and leaves and the crisp crunch of the leaves under my bare feet. It made me smile a bit, just walking and hearing the trees. I enjoyed it but then a new sound slowly came into being. It was the sound of hooves tearing at the earth, at first when I looked back all I saw was a shadow... But then the shadow came closer and fast, I leaped and fell out the way. Hoping it would just run by based on the speed it was going, and thankfully it did. I looked back and watched the shadow slowly disappear, slowly I got up and brushed off the leaves off my clothes. Oh great, I thought, that shadow is going the direction I'm going, so that can lead to two things, One he possible could be a nice guy shadow thing not likely but still likely, Two if I follow him I might go through more nightmarish tasks. I pondered on the idea a bit then my feet made the decision for me we're going to follow the direction it was going. Lovely...

I sighed and walked on following the path the shadow carriage passed. I looked up and watched the autumn aspens bristle as I walked on. God only knows what I'll come across this time, I thought. I don't know the difference of reality or fantasy until its too late. There's normally never enough time for peace, for all I know I'm in a memory, or reality, or a dream (More so a nightmare). If I am dreaming or remembering I could be in the Asylum, or a hospital, or if I'm lucky....Dead.... It's morbid to hear an eleven year old want to be dead huh? Let's add that to the book! I sighed banishing the demons in my head and hoping for more peace. I walked along the aspen trees until they begun to thin out and look more dead... I watched as the leaves began to look more of a brown than a red or orange. The tips of the branches grew sharper and more claw like.

Then the clip clops came into this world again, the same pattern the same rush, I didn't have time to turn and run, something or one (I couldn't know I was busy trying to claw and get free) grabbed me by the scruff of my pajamas. I flailed and screamed until a huff of cool air brushed the hairs behind my neck, I froze and craned my neck to look behind me. A creature, a horse I think was carrying me but it wasn't a normal horse, its eye sockets gazed at nothing just showing a black void barely exposing pink marshmallow noodles. I think that was its brain, it had no hair, its skin wrinkled, burnt in some places, stitched in different places showing new different colored skins. I gazed down at its hooves to discover that they weren't hooves at all but kind of like a Griffin claws.

To my surprise I didn't scream in fact, I was quite comforted by it, I relaxed and climbed onto its back. I looked back and saw the shadow carriage, the curtains were drawn closed not letting me see who or what was inside. The horse tore at the ground and the claws of the trees seemed to try to reach even closer to me some even swiped to try and snag me. I climbed onto the back of the horse and just stared up at the orange sky as the sun began to set behind the dead trees.

"It's good to know you've begun to relax on it." a weak sore voice spoke from the carriage croaked.

I looked back and asked, "Well I guess... Where is he going?"

The voice chuckled then coughed and hacked making it sound older, "Pardon me, but you created him for one purpose and to go the place that people deserve, you're the driver, the creator, you should or I guess will know once you see."

I tilted my head slightly then asked, "Well then who are you?"

The voice went silent, a small delicate hand drew back the curtain of the front of the shadow carriage, unveiling a small woman dressed in black silk dress with a grey veil over her head. From the way her chest was heaving it seemed as if she were crying but she made no sound of it. Her voice cracked and whined, "I'm so sorry..."

The horse neighed and shook its head taking my attention back to the front, it had begun to slow to a stop. The horse picked me up by my scruff again as a soft voice spoke in my head, "Young master I cannot take you further or you will parish as well as the witch."

I stood and looked at the horse and asked, "Where are you taking her?"

The horse blinked and nuzzled my head, "Where she shall be punished for the deeds shes done to you."

Before I could ask more the horse trotted than ran off, the earth began to opened from between the cracks forming a hole that flames licked out of, clawed burnt hands ragged as the began to dig at the earth clawing out of as the horse dove in with the carriage, screams exploded from the hole, terrible tortured screams came out of the hole. I covered my ears and winced at the piercing sound,one of the burnt hands pulled and heaved its self along with a burnt attached body with it. Its eyes blazed like the brightest fire out there. It scanned the area then locked its flame orbs on me, it lunged and with one jump it had me pinned, my chest rose and fell with such great speed causing me to feel light headed. It drew its burnt lips back into a snarl then began to rip at my flesh, I screamed in pain and terror, and clawed at it, finally it went for my throat and ended it causing me go back into the black void once more.

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