When a Can of Peaches Rolls, Run Like Hell

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There was no black peace that I floated in, I was instantly brought to the scene of a run down grocery store underneath a dark grey sky. The parking lot was empty the white lines fading, the parking lamps' glass shattered and littered the floor. I carefully danced across the parking lot skirting around the glass shards, and towards the old store, the sign was missing a few letters glowing ever so slightly. The few windows were broken leaving just a few shards behind, the sliding doors didn't work so using my super eleven year old strength I was able to move it ever so slightly that I could slip through. With a creek and a Slam! Shut in, exhaling a sigh I thought, Well that shouldn't be surprising. No going back, but forward, so forward I shall go.

I walked on, inside it was dark but not as dark but it was still dark, the lights barely worked some were barely hanging on some were on the floor, the shelves were raided except for a few appliances. cans, and some rotting food. There were isles and isles they almost seemed a maze, oh wait knowing this world it was! I wondered into the maze and began walking around, dead end after dead end it quickly became annoying and frustrating. A small frail hand gently grabbed my hand I flinched and looked at a child my size, his dark hair tussled and dirty, dark circled under his bright light eyes, his grey skin was tightly wrapped around him, along with lose torn clothes.

"Boy you have to hide!" His horse voice whispered, "They're comin and you need to hide!"

I knew not to take my chances and fallowed him as we climbed onto the top of the shelf. The sound of rolling metal sliced through the silence. A can of peaches rolled on the floor, I looked at the grey skin fellow with a look of confusion. His eyes told me to keep watching, I rolled my eyes and continued to watch, the lid of the can with a bright green label opened as a pink fuzzy ball with wide pink eyes, it did a small cute chirp twice and more rolling sounds broke the silence, two more cans came down the isle and stopped in front of the other and out came two similar fuzzy ball like creatures except one was a bright blue and the other a shade of purple. I suppressed an 'awwww', because they were just so fuzzy and cute..... well that was until they opened their mouths exposing sharp fangs and out came a humanoid head and torso complete with arms, the skin was a pail grey, bald, and skin was over its eyes nose and mouth yet its face was still contorted in pain, its blade fingers raked along the floor with a loud horrible screech. I winced and covered my ears as the screech multiplied when the other two pulled out their beasts within and screeched along causing the whole place to vibrate.

My heart pounded, I did not want to know how it would consume me. the humanoids awkwardly folded back into the mouth of the (now disturbing furries) as they rolled back into their can and rolled away. I whispered to him as we climbed down the shelf, "Do you know the way out of here?"

To my surprised he said, "Only to the middle not to the end.... I've tried for years that's why I'm grey my soul is fading..." His bright blue eyes faded some only lightly, I almost didn't catch it.

My heart ached for him as I asked, "You're dead too, aren't you?" He nodded sadly and looked down at his cracked bare feet. I pressed some more "How'd you die?"

He looked at me with that three lettered sentence. Slowly he said, "Purpose Car crash...."

I tilted my head and mimicked, "Purpose?"

He nodded, "My mom died in one, my dad hated me and disowned me screaming it was my fault, went to live with a foster family, they treated me horribly neglect bullied by the biological sons and daughters of the family. So I stole their car after one of the kids said, 'go die like your whore mother did.' so I did, stole their car and I hope they're sorry those wretched little fucks...."

"How old were you?" I asked cautiously.

"Fifteen. How'd you die?" he asked with no care in the world.

"I'll tell you once you start showing me to the middle." Thank god for my quick wits otherwise we'd be stuck there forever. He nodded and began to walk, after a few turns I began my tale, "My mom and dad got divorced and my mom became abusive towards me and my sister, and on my birthday my sister said something that finally made her snap and she abused my sister harshly that day and i tried to make her feel better and I got shot in the stomach, I don't know how my sister died but she did and I was sent to the hospital I don"t know what happened to my mom, but I died in that hospital and came here for my final test. "

He laughed and asked, "How old were you?"

"Eleven" I sighed and walked along with him in silence for a while. There was a couple times we heard rolling and climbed to the top.

"Why don"t we just solve the maze up here?" I asked.

"Because they can hear you and they can climb now SHUSH!" He whispered hastily.

Finally after a while we reached the middle and to my surprise it was a dead end.... It felt like the middle but normally middles had more opens. Not shut you off right? Because once we entered a shelf shifted and slammed us in, the dim light didn't show much but the sound of rolling cans brought the sense of dread. Five of them slowly rolled down the shelf's and stopped in front of them. Slowly another shelf moved and opened another hallway of shelf's.... The kid and I had the same idea and we ran, we ran turned oh so many lefts and rights with luck at our side until the very end. A dead end to be exact, out of pure panic I climbed it and to our dread they did too just this time they were out of their cans and using the humanoid arms to climb up as they screeched. I winced and hoped over and ran some more and thank god or who ever I found the end.... I rushed and ran and the scrapes of their claws ran along the shelf's and floors and their combined screeches, in the end i jumped and rolled out the end and an iron door slammed shut and a scream, a human scream came in the the screeches and guilt filled my body. I left the kid behind to save my skin.... Guilt wrapped its self around my lungs and the scene faded into white and i began to float and was going onto my next test while I was having trouble breathing.

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