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Slasher Preferences/One-shots (Completed) by worldsfinestadmin
Slasher Preferences/One-shots ( Admin
This is an anonymous request book. This book has been opened closed and reopened so sorry for so many author's notes.
Don't Answer It (Not Edited Yet) by mr_entity
Don't Answer It (Not Edited Yet)by Pśýçhøpåțh
When Allysa gets adopted by her new parents,she thought that she could live a normal life again. But life has a lot of surpises. When an unknown caller started calling h...
FEELINGS // Stan Uris x reader by badaquarius
FEELINGS // Stan Uris x readerby badaquarius
"Holding in your feelings is unhealthy." "I don't have a healthy lifestyle."
Three of a Kind || Illumi x Hisoka x Chrollo x reader by cece_im_cool
Three of a Kind || Illumi x Pico
Y/n has a very interesting life. Y/n has been working at her family owned circus and performs on a daily basis. Lord, she literally gets kidnapped by these idiots and li...
The wrong type of love (ahs kai Anderson) by 1-800-WHO
The wrong type of love (ahs kai its_evita_here
a boy. a girl. a suicidal teen? yes. a cult leader? damn straight. what happens when the to collide?
The Well House : Pennywise x Reader ( Fanfiction ) by ElectricEmotion
The Well House : Pennywise x 🌹Cløwn Løver🌹
You just recently moved to Derry, looking to start a fresh new life. You're 17 years old and both of your parents died when you were around 16. But, according to Derry...
A Chaotic Note (Yandere Twins x Reader) by Cloakedranger
A Chaotic Note (Yandere Twins x Cloakedranger
This is the third book in the A Dimensional Tune series, so please read the first two books before reading this one. Having read the song lyrics on the amulet given to y...
Birth control pills  by Richietozier1363
Birth control pills by Richietozier1363
"Hey Eddie are this your birth control pills?" "Yeah and I'm saving it for your sister." Being Richie Tozier's twin sister, your part of the losers...
I hate you  by RitaMandylor
I hate you by Rita Mandylor
This is a Joker X Joker story, obviously. It's uh, Arthur Fleck & Jack Napier. I know it won't be as successful as other stories, because this ship is unpopular, but I f...
"kiss me" • stenbrough by aesop_rock
"kiss me" • stenbroughby 💫 aesop
trigger warning, i don't know what for though. i started this in the summer of 2018 and have since completed it in late 2019. i regret some of the things i have put in t...
CLOWNS → SVT by brosvt
CLOWNS → SVTby bro
"if you're telling me that you heard a clown laugh, i'm going to jump off that balcony," ©︎brosvt :: 2k16 highest rank: #171 in horror
Dirty Laundry||victor criss by presidentkarter
Dirty Laundry||victor crissby karter
"My girl don't want me cause of my dirty laundry"
The Fair of Fear | Mini Stories by ecosamurai
The Fair of Fear | Mini Storiesby ecosamurai
Several Stories all revolving around a particular fair that doesn't seem to be... normal. A new story will be released every once in a while.
Fear (richie x reader)  by KaylaOkumura
Fear (richie x reader) by Kayla Tozier
What happens when a trashmouth falls for another trashmouth (richie x reader)
Moving things around. This is now a rough draft area for CFYC
31 Days of Halloween 🎃  by xoxo_lacey_2024
31 Days of Halloween 🎃 by xoxo_lacey_2024
Short, spooky stories that may surprise you. Scared? Awesome.
Strange Love - Pennywise x Reader by Living-potato
Strange Love - Pennywise x Readerby Living-potato
After living your whole life in Derry, you knew that the town's people were far from 'normal' (at least in the conventional sense). You could never have imagined how de...
Popcorn || Pennywise x reader by NoirStrum
Popcorn || Pennywise x readerby Horrorbaby
Alone in Derry with no family, 18 year old you meets the source of all the recent deaths. Turns out, he may just be what keeps you alive.
The Clown Prince Of Kuoh (multiple love interests) by Devillord1211
The Clown Prince Of Kuoh ( Devillord1211
when pennywise died someone had to take his place after all evil is inevitable it's the circle of life only this time its worse... much worse for all of a sudden the mos...