Tick Toc Goes the Clock

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My head ached from being crunched, I wheezed for air from my broken ribs, I groaned as my whole body ached. Being crushed isn't as fun as you think it is, I should seriously write a book on whats fun and not. I think Ill call it Morbid thoughts by and Eleven year old. I floated in space and slowly the pain numbed, and I didn't feel it any more...After a few moments of peace in the black void, my legs had a mind of their own and began walking, my body held its self high, then the black began to melt away. I was in a garden, with lush walls of leafs, with the occasional red or white rose. I saw a child my age with dark skin and dark fair hair, their clothes ragged, with shackles around their ankles, and as I got closer I noticed she was painting the white roses red.

"Excuse me miss but why are you doing that?" I asked softly.

She didn't even spare a glance at me as she said, "The queen demanded it."

"What queen?"

She pointed over the hedges to a glorious black castle, "The queen that lives there of course."

I nodded and began walking over there, as I walked closer I noticed the sound of rustling leafs. I paused and looked around and saw no one else around, so I continued on until I came a cross a poor dead white rabbit..... With my own hands I dug a small hole and buried it, patting the dirt afterwards and continuing on. The sound was on and off, not constant at all, I looked back and saw a black rabbit with blood red eyes, dressed in a simple jean coat pointing to a watch clock then disappearing. I smiled at the though that I might be in Wonderland, next thing I know I'll see the mad hatter and his rabbit friend, or the Cheshire cat. From the things I watched on TV, Wonderland was beautifully colorful. I saw a white cat perched on one of the high walls.

Its blue eyes wide as it said, "Don't mention the rabbit." Before disappearing from behind the bush.

The black rabbit? But why? Questions swirled in my mind, but I continued on. The rabbit appeared after a while showing me paint, I tilted my head it looked like paint I didn't understand why he was showing me this. After walking along some more I came out of the hedge walls and into the front lot of the castle. Might I say it was huge, the court yard was vast filled with grass and the occasional blooming cherry tree. I saw the black rabbit again hiding and shaking his head, I was met by an actual life size pawn, like one of those ones in the chess game. Two of them took me by them arms and pulled me into the castle. They lifted me up off the ground so there was no point as to struggle so I dangled from their grasp.

They brought me to a beautiful queen, her hair was long and black her eyes were rimed with a red iris, her lips were painted black and her dress was a lovely pink. "Young child," She said, "why are you here?"

Her small hands were soft against my cheek as I stuttered, "I f-fallowed the ca-stle."

She looked at me softly, "and you brought the black rabbit here didn't you?"

Words failed me so I nodded softly. Her gaze darkened as she took my hand she said, "Come child."

We walked as we walked I saw a lot of paintings of blood being shed. It started to make me feel uneasy, then that wishy washy feeling in my stomach became worse when the queen began mumbling to her self. Her black sharpened nails were digging into my skin as she mumbled, I winced but continued to walk not ready to defy her wishes. We stopped at a door, she threw it open with a flick of her wrist and inside I saw disembodied heads and decapitated bodies hanging down so the blood drained into buckets. I felt sick once I realized that the blood was the paint the other girl was painting the white roses with.

"The black rabbit is planning against me!" She screeched.

She threw me to the ground and grabbed a pair of shackles chaining them around my wrist.

"And he's using this boy against me!" she yelled once more. She grabbed me and threw me onto a head block holding me down as she placed a bar over my back pinning me as my head hung over the block. I looked over and saw the black rabbit shaking his head and pointing at the clock that showed open eyes ticking very loudly and quickly.

She reached for an ax and said, "Off with his head!" and brought the ax down chopping my head cleanly off. Sending me back into the black once more.

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