Deep down I see Him

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Once again I was just floating in the deep space, the pain in my stomach didn't cease. But I figured this was the only peace I would ever receive for a while, so I took a painful deep breath, closed my eyes, and continued to float in the cold space. My moon, my light, oh how I've missed the fight in her eyes. I continued to think of my sister. How cute she was in her little blue dress she always wore, and how her curly hair tumbled down to her shoulders. I guess shes all I have now....
Then slowly I began feel the pain slowly heal and as it healed I began to smell dirt. The better I felt the stronger the smell became ... Then slowly I began to smell rain.... I opened my eyes and saw a grey cloudy sky above me, it looks like it's about to rain but hasn't yet. I look around and see nothing but dirt walls around me. Quickly I came to the conclusion that I was in a deep hole twice as long as myself. I sighed great, I thought, how am I going to get out now?
I sighed once more and sat thinking on ideas to get me out of the hole I'm in. At a point of time I heard rusting and thought nothing of it at first until I heard it again.
"Hello?" I called "Cassity?" My voice strained for the last bits of hope. But instead of a sweet soft voice came a small shaky low voice.
"Has he left you yet?"
"Has what done what?" I said confused.
"Has the demon left you?" The voice said again.
"What demon?" I demanded.
"The demon of which he means me. " said a new yet familiar voice.
A silhouette formed in front of me slowly taking up a shape of a human boy, his features had third degree burns but yet you can see them clearly, from his long young limbs to his deep green eyes and ratty brown hair. It was like gazing into a life sized mirror, but instead of him wearing transformers pjs he wore a patient gown. Burns reached deep into the muscles of his left jaw exposing glimpses of white human teeth and burn marks right where some hair should be, and in his left eye where the pupil should be was white milky stuff.
"Who are you? " I asked guarding my voice to hide the shock as best as I could.
"Why I'm you Daniel, 11 year old you. But I'm the feelings you hide deep deep down..." He grinned exposing more of his sparkly whites.
"What feelings do I hide to make you?" I asked.
His hand quick and strong went straight to my throat pushing my up against the wall exposing more of his burning scars. "Why that's a good question Danny boy. Let us discus them together shall we?"
His hand squeezed tightly, I grabbed on to his gown attempting something to get air mostly, "I am the anger you harbor back ."
His voice changed as his skull formed and changes taking the shape of a clown with a muzzle opening his jaws wide exposing toothy surprises, "I am the fear you hide from."
Then his skull changed once more changing to a smaller face with curly hair and a burnt face, and finally with a soft voice sweet voice it said, "I am the sorrow you hold for dear Cassity ..."
I shoved my palm in its face and with a sick I swift CRACK it's head was flipped over touching it's shoulder blades . It wobbled back letting go of my throat giving me time to breath. It grabbed it's jaw and yanked it and out came off its jaw. It sighed and popped in it a jaw with a puke causing POP! Once I was done giving the world my food that was in my stomach I did the worst decision in my life. I looked up. I saw it snap of its head then crash it down onto the neck joint again. It shakes it's head taking the form of me again.
"I hate it when that happens but I get the message I'll leave you along with only the walls to embrace you... As the dawn rises your eyes will be closed when they should be opened" He sighed and walked into the shadows disappearing.
For a moment nothing happens then the earth began the shake, the dirt walls moved towards me closing me in. First claustrophobia kicked in causing hyperventilation, second panic settled in causing my mind to whirl and me to try and push the walls away from me.... Third my lungs tightened, fourth once the walls had me pinned against each other I gave up. It became harder to breath from the presser, then with a quick crunch my skull caved in sending me into the black once more.

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