Balloon Rats, Snakes, Spiders, Oh & The Clown

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Instead of floating in the black I floated in the white, to you it may not seem like a huge change in scenery but to me it is a lovely change in scenery. White to black never going back (See what I did there?) I was almost done I could feel it, if this wasn't the end then there was one more, but I don't care as long as in the end I get to see Cassity I'm good... I can't remember how she died.... And that feels wrong because I feel like I should remember how she did die... More morbid thoughts by an eleven year old, man I should write a biography... Wait..... Nah... Slowly the air around me grew thick and cold once more gently as if hands were holding me or I had wings, I was placed on my feet on the forest floor. A familiar sight was laid in front of me, same scrawny tall trees, still dark out, and hey even my old dead body? I dunno its just a set of a young kids bones, you know it could be any kid, could it?

I was pumped that I survived furballs of death! That there was no going back now, so if I have to face houndclown again I was NOT looking forward to it. As I was noping inside my head I was walking away from the carnival music, paused that yupped towards the carnival music, I want to be at peace not in an eternal hell. And as soon as I got there I wanted to Nope again, the scene was different than last time, oh Joy! There was carnival games and rides instead of a tent and dead mutilated bodies. There were even prizes set up at each stand, their eyes stitched in X's, sharp teeth sewn on, some were disembodied with stuffing coming out that was tainted red and gooey, some even decapitated, some whole with nooses tied around their necks, some with limbs ripped off, oo and even a knife in the back or heart! Oh Joy!

As I walked through Hell Land, I noticed all the tenders were chained there, some with multiply scratches or bruises on them. Some even looked soulless... Fear bubbled deep in my stomach, But I kept my guard up for the clown. After a while the speakers creaked and almost burst at the rhyme that came out of them, "Mad, Madder than the mad hatter.Quick and swift along his feet as he runs down the street.Run! Run and hide before he eats you alive!He chews on the bones of the young one's he stole... He's blind but he can smell your fear!" It ended with a cackle and fit of insane laughter and coughing.

He's blind? I noted that quicker than you could say R.I.P. So he can smell me? It only said he was blind... So he can hear me too... A thought wormed its way into my thoughts, I have the same smell excepts for blood probably. I looked down at my Transformers pjs and sure enough there was blood, so I did a smart thing for once and took it off and tied it around one of the posts. Then another thought posted its self on my thinking wall, go find a dunk stand. I walked around until I found one and dove right in, I heard a howl of rage and peaked my head out of the wooden bucket and saw the same hunched, white faced painted with cracked clown make up on its hairless muzzle, as its teeth was bared, red stringy hair plastered to its face, ratted clothed clown as before. But this time I noticed the catalyst in his milky eyes. He growled and used his talon fingers to tear up my clothes.

"No more tricks Just for kicks kid. I will find you and I will Maul you until dawn as if you were a fawn to me..." He snarled then pulled out a yellow balloon and blew into it forming a giant balloon rat. It squeaked and lashed its tail scratching its claws on the ground. Then he blew up an pink balloon and formed a cobra with it. It stood high with its hood out and fangs out as it hissed, finally he puled out a green balloon and blew out a giant eight legged spider, as it moved its pincers making clicking noises. I figured it out with no explanations, they were his eyes... Now where could I go what should I do? I looked around but my eyes kept darting towards the clown hunched over on all fours. Finally I spotted a tent with a big fancy light up sign saying, "Hall of mirrors"

The balloon animals moved and began to walk/slither down and around the park. While I thought they all had their backs to me I slipped out the bucket and began tip toeing and jogging at the same time down to the hall of mirrors, I paused to listen for any sound that would indicate I was being fallowed, all I heard was carnival music play creaking from the speakers. I took a step before I was picked up by my arm, the green spider lifted me up and snipped my arm off slowly as I heard my flesh being cut and my bones cracking and breaking under the presser, finally I lost my left arm. I scream and sobbed as I fell and ran into the hall of mirrors. I slipped in my dripping blood and slammed my face into one of the mirrors by accident and cut my cheek. The mirror shattered being the smart kid i am I grabbed on of the shards and cut my pant leg and wrapped it around the bottom of the shard slightly cutting my fingers but now it was cushioned. I heard hissing and turned around, apparently the spider was too big to fit so it sent its pink snake friend, anger boiled in me. I was done, I was tired of being scared!

I grabbed the knife and slashed the snake and heard it pop and then it was nothing but rubber left. Only by the mirror I caught the yellow rat jumping on my back and tearing at my skin, i screamed of course that's what any eleven year old would do, but i shot back and popped his bubble with the shards still intact to the mirror. I was bleeding excessively to the point of being dizzy and I was sobbing, finally the clown stalked in front of me.

"Hush little child don't you cry," He mocked, "I'm gonna make you die, and if that don't work ill put you to work. Down in hell." He lunged, jaws open and into a snarl exposing his sharp fangs, talons out and a knife now in the top of his mouth with one swift move. It screeched and shook its head.

"You're not real!" I screamed "You're only in my imagination, and in my imagination you're dead!"

He snarled and choked, he began clawing at his throat letting blood weep from his scratches. He scratched until he clawed a hole in his throat and a pulsing light came out and he lay there no longer moving. The light pulsed brighter and brighter until it was all around me and I was floating in the light once more....

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