Back Here Again

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    I floated around in the black void, my transformer pajamas were caked with my blood, I closed my eyes, my lungs ached as I wheezed for breath, my stomach screamed as pain seemed to leak out the wound, and slowly the pain faded. Then my back was pressed against something cold that bumped every now and then. I groaned and shifted a bit,I opened my eyes to bright lights. I squinted and let my eyes adjust to the bright white lights. I rubbed my fingers together to feel a cold piece of metal on my thumb. I let my eyes adjust to see bright white walls, cut in the middle with windows that stretched along the first three walls as blinds dangled from the tops of them.  A clear tube stuck out of my right wrist and in my left was a dark red tube, my eyes fallowed the tubes to see a clear and dark red bag hanging from a metal coat hanger it seamed. 

    Next the the bags coat hanger was a screen with a green light that shot up and down like mountain tops to the ocean bottoms. My eyes drooped as it became an effort to stay up, I moved my wrist to feel it be constricted against something. My gaze slowly drifted down to see leather cuffs that tied my wrists. I tried to at least sit up but my stomach screamed in anguish causing me to fall back again  whining and whimpering. I gripped the cotton sheets and waited for the pain to subside, a soft hand rested on my forearm as a small yet gentle face gazed down at me. Her emerald gaze so soft that even the heavens angles wings couldn't beat it. Yet behind that gaze and underneath her pail skin pain also lurked in them.

    "Hey Dan, how are you feeling?" Cassity asked softly as if she were afraid the words would shatter me.

    I tried to speak but pains fangs pierced my skin and let its venom lose and out with a whimper. Her eyes pained some more, she slid her small hand into mine as tears streamed down her face and she whispered, "I'm so sorry, you're in here because of me.... if I hadn't asked her if daddy would come you wouldn't be here.... If I had told daddy about her sooner you wouldn't have been sent to that asylum...." She hiccuped then cried some more, "You and I would be safe, I would be here with you and we could live a happy life with daddy." 

   I held her hand tight and smiled up at her my own tears slid down my face. "Cass...." I managed to whisper.

   She only cried more as she ranted on, "If only she hadn't tormented you with those stupid stories to frighten you... If only I spoke up and told her you were scared maybe she would have stopped..."

   I panted then gasped and whispered more desperately, "Cass..."

   Snot began to run out of her nose as her cheeks warmed to a rosy pink as coughed and sputtered on, "If only she didn't say you were damned to hell because of those dreams, calling the daemons inside your head, you wouldn't have gone to that loony bin..."

    I nudged her hand towards me, she sniffed and hiccuped as she crawled onto my chest effortlessly and lightly, I almost felt nothing against me at all. She cried more as I held her hand and rubbed my thumb across the top of hers. After a long silence she said almost to where I couldn't hear it, "If I had hid her gun I'd still be alive and you wouldn't be drifting in and out of being awake...and I wouldn't be so alone.. Its time to wake up Dan-Dan."

      I nuzzled her hair and whispered painfully as pain threaded across my torso, "Cass it wasn't all your fault, mommy had her own daemons she dealt with. You were only five, you did your best to make me smile, you let me barrow your stuffed monkey  until mommy traumatized me with it, then we played and seek while she slept. You used to cuddle with me while I slept giving me dreamless nights, you put me first when you put yourself between me and that scary clown giving me comfort. You did everything you could, and don't worry you wont be so lonely soon, I'll be with you soon enough."

    She simply nodded and began to smile her sweet smile, the pain behind her eyes faded and began to kindle with a new hope. Slowly feathers rained on her as a set of beautiful gold wings were set upon her back. She hugged me around the neck and kissed my cheek whispering sweetly, "See you when you get here. Take care of your last task and everything will be better... goodnight and see you soon" 

  Her wings flapped silently as she slowly disappeared, I blinked and looked over to the green string screen and smiled as it slowed and became a flat line as I once more and hopefully for the last time I faded into the black. Soon to face my last nightmare and soon to be set free.

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