Blood slowly stained my finger red, and I let out a slight gasp of pain as the cold water hit the fresh cut. I grit my teeth against the pain, knowing that the cut needed to be cleaned out. Why was it that the smallest cuts hurt seemed to cause the most pain?

                Not able to stand it any longer, I yanked my hand out of the water and applied pressure to my finger to try to stop the stinging that the water had caused. “Shit,” I hissed as more blood squeezed out and dripped down. I held my hand over the sink and let the blood drip in there, washed away by the still flowing water.

                I quickly stuck it under the water again before drying my hand and hastily applying a band aid to it as it began to bleed again. The band aid absorbed the blood and it left a dark brown stain.

                “Lovely, just lovely,” I grumbled and turned the sink off. Plain White T’s “Rhythm Of Love” floated into the room and I rolled my eyes. I put the pack of band aids away before leaving the bathroom and heading towards my room.

                “Barry, why did you take so long?” my little sister, Rosie, asked curiously. “I cut my finger Rose,” I said and showed her my bandaged finger. She frowned and came over to me. She took my hand and inspected it carefully before gently placing her lips to the band aid.

                “Better?” she asked. I nodded and smiled. “Much better,” I said and she smiled. “Good!” She skipped back into her bedroom and shut the door, muffling the sound of Plain White T’s.

                Oh Rosie. Sweet little Rosie. She was only 6 years old, and I loved her to death. I went into my bedroom and turned on my iPod, blasting The Silence by Mayday Parade. I sang along with the music as I aimlessly began to clean my room.

                I took a deep breath and sighed before pulling out my homework and getting to work on it. I had lab tomorrow in Marine Bio. That was going to be hell. The kid I worked with was incredibly lazy and flat out stupid. He thought the microscope was broken, when he hadn’t even turned it on. Dumbass.

                He always made me do all the work, and I was sick of it. I had complained to the teacher about him, and she told me that she was planning to change seats soon anyways.

                Right now, I was doing the lab the kid was no doubt going to try to copy. I would just tell that idiot to do his own god damn work for once. I was so sick of him copying my stuff. He didn’t deserve to pass that class just from copying.

                The song shifted to Terrible Things and I sighed. Why did I listen to such depressing music? I didn’t need to put myself in an even worse mood than I was usually in. I really needed to start listening to more upbeat music.

                I could hear SpongeBob coming out of Rosie’s room now. I smiled to myself. She was so innocent. That show was so freaking dirty. Shaking my head, I got back to my work. I had to finish this lab by tomorrow, or I’d be in deep shit.

                I finished the lab eventually and put everything back in my backpack. I brushed my teeth and jumped in bed, feeling exhausted. My finger was still stinging from when I had cut it, but it would be okay by tomorrow.

                I had been quickly leafing through a drawer and managed to slice it on a razor blade. Smooth Barry, real smooth. If anyone tomorrow asked…well, I’d come up with a story that didn’t make me sound like such an idiot.

                Sleep claimed me quickly, and I fell asleep to the comforting noise of Rosie’s adorable little voice singing Silent Night.

                My alarm blared in the morning and I turned that stupid shit off and rolled out of bed sleepily. I thumped onto the floor and groaned before forcing myself to get up. I pulled some clothes on and brushed my hair and teeth. I did my hair before heading downstairs.

                I pulled my shoes on and tied them before sitting down and watching out the window for the school bus to come around the corner for me. When it finally did, I got up and went outside. I climbed onto the bus and sat down in the 3rd seat.

                My bus was divided. In the front sat the quiet kids and…well, anyone who was “different”. I was one of the quiet kids. I wasn’t really quiet, but I didn’t care to involve myself in some stupid bus war. The kids who claimed they were popular sat in the back and shot constant insults to those of us in the front.

                It was immature, and I didn’t care to get involved. So instead, I sat quietly and listened to Seether on my iPod. I watched the buildings blurring by as we drove. It was raining out, so the outside world was dark. Cars occasionally sped by us as we made our way to the school.

                We got off the bus when it pulled up to the school and entered the hellish building. I immediately made my way over to my best friend.

                He held up his hand as I opened my mouth. “Too early to hear your chinking. I mean bitching.” I rolled my eyes. “Well Clapper, you’re not racist or anything.”

                Clapper grinned at me and shrugged. “Hey, at least I’m not stereotypical. By the way, have you gotten shorter?” I playfully hit him. “Oh shut up!”

                Clapper wasn’t really racist, and I knew it. He just joked around with me because I was Asian. I actually didn’t look too Asian, like Rosie did.

                The bell exploded and we trudged off to class. The day flew by until I was sitting in my Marine Bio class next to the lazy kid.

                “Hey, did you do the lab?” he asked. “Yea,” I said simply. “Can I see it?” “Nope.” “Why not?” he sounded angry now. “Because you’re just going to copy it. You wouldn’t have to copy it if you just did on your own,” I shot back.

                “God you don’t gotta be a fucking dick about it!” the kid said, furious now. I shrugged. “I don’t really understand how me not letting you copy my work it being a dick…but whatever helps you sleep at night.” He glared and opened his mouth, but the teacher spoke, catching everyone’s attention.

                “Okay everyone. Pass up your labs. We’re getting new assigned seats today!” I passed up my lab and leaned back in my seat, triumphant. Finally.

                She began pointing to seats and saying names. “Barry,” she said and pointed to a seat in the second row. I moved my stuff happily and sat down as she called another name.

                A kid took a seat next to me and I glanced at him out of the corner of my eye. Oh, I recognized him. He was a really quiet kid. He seemed kind of mean, but he never talked. At least not in this class, he didn’t.

                “Okay, now switch last night’s homework paper with your partner and grade them while I go over the answers,” the teacher said.

                I turned to the kid and handed him my paper. “Where’s yours?” I asked. He pulled out a pen and clicked it as he looked at my paper, never meeting my eyes. “Didn’t do it.”

                Great. Another lazy partner. 

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